Games that Were Hated Before They Were Released

Some games just never stand a chance, do they? Hated on from the moment they're announced for a variety of reasons, they're critically stoned by gamers long before anyone lays finger on pad. The following titles all fall into this category of pre-release hatred. Whether they betrayed their series' heritage, alienated PC gamers or their developer simply shouted his big fat mouth off too much; these games loved courting premature fanboy-baiting bile.

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CrippleH3438d ago

I'm not surprised they didn't put Killzone 2. Since Gameradar been hating on it for months. Oh they don't want to make themselves look bad.

Parapraxis3438d ago

EXACTLY what I was thinking, what a bunch of hypocritical asshats.

solidjun53438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

I remember someone from Neogaf owning someone who works at gamesradar, and showing them how disgusting their coverage of Killzone 2 was. They cited all the articles and it was comical. Heck I remember a headline that vaguely read "Killzone 2 a big failure? We'll give you a quick review after 1 hr of playing."

Man, Gamesradar are hypocrites.

CrippleH3438d ago

Yeah I read the whole thing. I was lurking at the time. Killzone GAF called them Gameyradar.

Saaking3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

I hate Gamesradar. If reviewers are gonna review a game with bias (be it a 360 or Ps3 game) then don't. If they like the 360 so much better then just become 360 exclusive reviewer, trust me we won't miss them.

The media continuously says Sony can't do it, but guess what? Sony meets and SURPASSES expectations.

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Jager3438d ago

No wait, it's Gamesradar

Bereaver3438d ago


EZ 123! I'm never going to games radar again.

It was never delayed, it just wasn't officially dated.

Piss off.

MSpence5163438d ago

I can't stand racing games, sim or arcade. Do I need to be shot????? Because I don't want to be shot.... Please don't shoot me.

xbotpleasefixme3438d ago

1 two of these games aren't out yet so why are they on the list?
2 what's the point of making an article bashing all the people that use your site?