Resident Evil 2 hits the PSN today!

From PS3 Attitude: "Capcom is celebrating the PS3's birthday in an awesomely evil way. Resident Evil 2 is finally being released today on the PSN."


It has been reported that this is the Dual Shock version of Resident Evil 2.

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Lou Ferrigno4080d ago

kickass yo. Good 'ol capcom/resident evil days huh..

i liked the 3rd one alot too,but 2nd one was epic.
i still love me some old fashioned zombie killin.never gets old i tell u.

raztad4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

How is this RE? I bought the first but the controls are a huge pain in the azz. It's unplayable, I dont want to master those controls.


It's valid to disagree, but I'd appreciate an answer of sorts for my question.

harrisk9544080d ago

I agree with you that it takes some getting used to when you have to go back and use PS1-style controls... I wish that they would give an option on these re-releases to use the analog sticks and have a more updated sort of control scheme. I know that it wouldn't be as authentic, but it is tough to go back to those old controls!!

zeeshan4080d ago

What a classic game! I loved it. RE5 was more like a shoot 'em up game compared to the old RE games!

Cwalat4080d ago





"It seems these will only be coming out to the US store, sorry EU!"





When Sony said, "PSone classics will be coming to PS store" few years ago the first games that came into mind were RE1, RE2, Crash B, Final Fantasy VII and Soul Reaver. How the fu*** can they not release this masterpiece that is RE2 in EU when the original sales from the PS1 days suggested that the game sold MORE in EU?

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F U * K THAT!

Perkel4080d ago

easy you will get it in eu :D

today they released mgs , and soul reaver was before us :D and in near futue we will get vagrant story :D

btw , you can't buy it from us store ? i bought few games from us and eu store...

FACTUAL evidence4080d ago

I still have the original copy of my RE2 in min condition.

Whitefox7894080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

You can use the analog stick for all PS1 games its very simple all you have to do is press the PS button while in the game go to Controller Settings select the option Switch Analog Mode by default it will be set to Digital Mode, switch it to the second option Analog Mode that then binds your D-pad controls to your Left Analog Stick. I did this for My copy of MGS 1 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

Okay I was wrong the PS1 software needs to be able to support the Analog Stick for it to work I just popped in my copy of Blood Omen and switch the options with no response. However considering this RE2 is the Dualshock Edition it will more then likely support movement with Analog.

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Handhelds_FTW4080d ago

Thank You, now get working on RE3 and Dino Crisis =3

CaptainKratos4080d ago

dino crisis!!!!!and chrono cross!!!

FACTUAL evidence4080d ago

We need RE3, only RE I did not finish!!!

sabestar4080d ago

Hell. It's about time.

I've been seeing this as rumored for weeks on end. Finally, it shows its SCARY face. Can't wait to play it.

majiesto4080d ago

This will definitely be purchased today. Now to find the room on my HD.

Somnipotent4080d ago

dood, upgrade that junk... i've got 500GB (380 after formatting) and i NEVER have to worry about space.

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