Disgaea Confirmed for DS

After fans asking time and time again for it to happen, plus the fact that it makes so much sense anyway, Nippon Ichi has confirmed a new Nintendo DS project.

In a recent interview, Nao Zook from NIS America, the US branch of Nippon Ichi, spoke openly about how the team is readying games for Nintendo's DS portable system. Below are some quotes:

Any chance of Disgaea on the Nintendo DS?

NZ: Let me just say this... you can look forward to it!

What about your other PS2 games?

NZ: Will NISA's other PS2 games also hit PSP? There are some ideas being discussed, but they might be on other mobile consoles...*smiles*.

Follow the link for full interview.

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WilliamRLBaker4577d ago

I like rpg/strategy games, and i liked the dis games on ps2 so ill have to pick this up.

Charlie26884576d ago

technically this is not a "Disgaea Confirmed for DS" since a confirmed will be a "yes we are making Disgaea + a subtitile for the DS that is coming in" this basically tells you that there will be a DS Disgaea sometime in the future...

anyways I hope its a completley new one for the DS (that I will probably buy) since ill be buying the Original Disgaea for the PSP