Bad Company 2 US Beta client is up for download; Server is not Live.

OfficialBFBC2 writes:
'US Client is up, Start downloading, but still some things to iron out in the environment & this will take a bit longer.'

Download the beta now! The servers are not up at the moment, but you can download and install the client till then.


The beta's size is 912MB.

New Tweet on US beta's server status:
'An Update, just like for th e EU will come soon for the US Client & then it's a go!'

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WildArmed3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

See ya online.. Just waiting for the beta's servers to go up.
Downloaded the beta in 9mins :) Gotta love a 30mbps connection.

Should get some squads rolling, coz playing in squads.. thats where the funs at.

LordMarius3441d ago

Those who are up for playing when it goes live add me

Hellsvacancy3441d ago

Wot time do the servers go live? im 2 lazy 2 find out 4 myself

YoungKiller253441d ago

sweet add me tooo

WildArmed3441d ago

Good bet would be in 5 hours =/
Feel free to keep clicking refresh on the twitter page for the exact moment it goes live ^^

Marceles3441d ago

Can't wait to see if this owns MW2 or not. It'll be nice to not see MW2 all over my friends list for once lol

WildArmed3441d ago

Gamestop is giving awaya 60000 codes
Get yours now!
*US only*

Saaking3441d ago

already downloading, can't wait.

Timesplitter143441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Where's the link?

cyberwaffles3441d ago

been playing around in the menus and they look bad ass! i'm disappointed that there are no new guns in the game, but the game set up is a huge difference compared to BC. i had to look at the control layout since they were so different this time around actually.

i'm just glad that there are new gear items and a new class set up. i also noticed that they have a tier-set for all class kits.

can't wait to play; now back to mag.

Nikuma3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

US servers should be up now. I'm about to get on but I have to install firmware 3.10 first. -_-

Edit: Remember to restart your game to install an update before you try to get on.

evrfighter3441d ago

I played MW2 when it was cracked for multi. I honestly can't stop playin this one single map in bc2.

MW2 is done for. It wont sell as much as MW2 until the sheep start following the wolves. But it's safe to say that DICE are back to their usual CoD killing selves.

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ZombieAutopsy3441d ago


theres a code.

WildArmed3441d ago

well BAM there it is huh? lol

gtamike1233441d ago

Im downloading, 72% done I can't wait!!! :D

gtamike1233441d ago

This is the COD game killer

Pwee3441d ago

Done, now to wait for the servers :D

Marceles3441d ago

Grrr come on servers, oh well...I wish I had some kind of alert when they open up lol. Guess I'll have to play Assassin's Creed 2 until they do

-GametimeUK-3441d ago

@ Marceles

Twitter you idiot

Redlogic3441d ago have got to be the biggest douche on this website. congrats on bein the king of the tards

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