SingStar for PS3 PAL dated for July 25 2007

SPG is stating that SingStar will be making its debut in PAL territories on July 25, 2007. The karaoke style game will be availabe in two versions: the standalone going for 30.95 Euros and the package including microphones for 61.95 Euros.

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ngg123454181d ago

:(. I really wanted this game.

DrWan4181d ago

This game is as big as Guitar Hero is in the States, so many versions have been released on PS2 over in Europe, a potential system mover for sure.

sonarus4181d ago

yea expect to see sales go up in europe and australia late july

Close_Second4181d ago

...appeals to the casual gamer. The price of the PS3 does not. If the PS3 was 40% cheaper then this would shift units but as it stands, its unlikely to.

tonsoffun4181d ago

right then, gotta get a PS3 before then......

Do any of you want a slightly used kidney?

Only kidding, Mrs Tonsoffun loves this game, so it is a great excuse to buy one.

kspraydad4181d ago

The online and youtube like features are going to kill...I think this will be the first SingStar to really take off in the US due to this when it is combined with a webcam or PLAYSTATION Eye

DrWan4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

yah, one of the things that killed the US version is the narrow selection of songs. they put stuff like Britney Spears in there..alot of ppl hate..but there is always a crowd that likes it..same goes for the other songs, US loves to bash artists and politicians.

This is somewhat different when compare to Asian artists, there is alot less bashing and when a good canto/mandarin pop song comes out, 90% of the people will listen to it and agreed on it.

I hope there is a "universal" version of Sing Star, because I would love to have some Canto pop on it, however I think due to copy right lawas this is unlikily..or maybe there are some sort of restriction.

But all in all, the downloadable list of songs ensures that there will be no further version of SingStars and that it should have songs to suit everyone's taste! Great idea.

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The story is too old to be commented.