Top Ten Thing Wrong With Games for Windows


"The din about Games for Windows seems to cycle between a very quiet roar (remember their presence at E3?) to a muted hubbub, like the babbling of a crowd at a party that you can't quite make out. But what exactly do people think about the service now that it's getting out there into the wild?"

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ben hates you4577d ago

MSFT has not shown great work for windows live, like xbl, they don't need to worry about games heck even sony makes games only on windows, but live needs some polishing

Charlie26884577d ago (Edited 4577d ago )

the problem is apart from being highly unpolished, it tries to take the Live feeling to PC games and tries to implement things that while new and effective to console gamers they had been around for ages on the PC without the same effect..and even tries to charge you for other :?

Hypnotic4577d ago

The whole Xbox live for Windows is a joke. I can't see why anyone would want to use it on there PC when you can get most of those features for FREE.

gta_cb4576d ago

i do know what you mean, as i was able to just start up a multi player game like Warhammer 40,000 Dawn Of War (plus all the expansions) and just play online against my mates, BUT the thing is now that MS has released this, people are going to HAVE to pay etc to play the games they release for "Games for Windows"

ANOTHER thing is, ya know with all the recent banns from XboxLIVE, how are they going to stop people from playing copied games for "Games for Windows" as games can be played simply by replacing the .exe with one which can be located simply on the internet which would also be free, and if they already have an XboxLIVE account like me then i can see people taking full advantage of this rather then playing copied games on the Xbox 360.

"Games for Windows" - play copied games as they cant block your PC, and if they can then i am sure you can get around that.

"Xbox 360" - play original games, and no risk

whats you views?

CompGeek4577d ago

I can't think of anything not wrong with it. It's an insult to PC gamers.

gta_cb4576d ago

i do like one thing about it, you will be able to play against peolpe on an Xbox 360, which is cool, but yeh im not sure that it is the best it could be.

the thing you have to remember is with MS releasing games for both, if people could just play the games on the PC, then they would be risking loss of Xbox 360 customers. im really not sure about this, especially as i havnt actually played any "Games for Windows" so i cant really say much else

ZeroAlarm4576d ago

...Why the hell should I have to pay to play online?!?!

WilliamRLBaker4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

maybe half of you should learn what games for windows live actually entails before you say it sux or nothing is good about it.

cause it seems to me most of you have no idea what your talking about, and seemingly think you have to pay money to play online, when you dont have to pay money to play online.

and the top 10 things? its a pretty good list and i agree with most of it, cause it doesn't include a single time how pc gamers have had that functionality for years...ect BS statement that really means nothing in the end, Most of the services you can use for free that give you the same functions as games for windows live, force you to see ad's throughout the site you use or the program you use, Xfire is probly the only one that doesn't do this.

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