Ozzy Osbourne is Artist of the Month this month

This month yet another artist springs onto the marketplace with a free downloadable video for all. Over the months, we have seen a lot of variety in these artists and this month the Artist of the Month is the lead singer of Black Sabbath who has just released a new album, Ozzy Osbourne.

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FordGTGuy4182d ago

Can't wait to download it!

PS360PCROCKS4182d ago

Weird but sweet. lol love Ozzy just a random artist since he is so old now.

gazza4182d ago

have you heard the album? Its class.

PS360PCROCKS4182d ago

wow everyone hates me lol...but no I have not heard it I didn't even know their was an 'album' I hardly pay attention to heavy rock as I hate alot of it anymore. I am more a fan of the 60-90's rock...Now I am more into like fall out boy, linkin park, the used, Plain white t's etc...

Satanas4182d ago

Hmm...I never really liked Ozzy's solo work, but of course, his work with Sabbath is legendary in the metal world.

Rhoads is a tank of a guitarist though.