Pop Stars Love Ninja Gaiden Sigma Commercial

The TV commercial says so, so it must be true!


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Ru5168d ago

playing video games is always good NEWS

kingofps35168d ago (Edited 5168d ago )

Whats the old guy in yellow sayin? Anybody know?

Also, whats the guy from Ask A Ninja doing there waitin in the queue? Oh yeah, why not, he is hopin to be the ultimate by playing the ultimate Ninja Gaiden. Well that is obvious. Also, this game can very much shake up sales of PS3 in Japan back to the top .

Edit: @ Expy Thanks.

Expy5168d ago

Umm, Excuse me! I'm so so sorry! (basically cos she's holding up other customers).

Ru5168d ago

Dont get enough offbeat commercials like other countries do

ITR5168d ago

Sex sells.

She looks like a AV girl.

I guess Sigma is only targeting the male population in jp.

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The story is too old to be commented.