European Commissioner Response: MS has a week to explian Xbox 360 scratching issues

European Commissioner for Consumers Meglena Kuneva wants to get to the bottom of the Xbox 360 scratching disc issue and she wants answers from Microsoft within one week.

For more information click on the link.

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sonarus4572d ago

Its about time. while i havnt personally had any issues with my 360 it has scratched ma gears of war cd significantly its nice to know sum1 can pressure microsoft into getting this fixed

gta_cb4572d ago

ok my situation, my Xbox 360 has scratched all my games! i wanna sue MS... hehe only kidding, anyway yeh my situation is this.

i have not had a SINGLE game scratched, i HAVNT moved my Xbox 360 while playing games. so to me i kinda think hmmm are these people causing this themselvs? but then IF there is a problem and i am one of those people who has had a problem free Xbox 360 then its good that MS will have to sort out this "problem".

marionz4572d ago

ive never had a problem with my 360 and noen of my other five friends with the console have had any issues either, not a scratch or failure yet, hell my console has only ever crashed about 3/4 times in the year that ive had it

but that doesnt matter to anyone, nobody cares about the opinions of the happy users and so all we ever hear is the horror storys

Scrooge4571d ago

I agree with you. Well put.

Wargasm4571d ago

(or their friends) who move the 360 while it is on and keep playing the game thinking nothing of it.... and the next time they happen to open the disk tray, the disk is magically scratched. They probably dont even know that moving the 360 while in play will scratch a disk so they blame the manufacturer.

In a way it makes sense, because the 360 does have alot of hardware failures, but you just cant apply that logic in every instance

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neogeo4572d ago

but the worst hardwere EVER made in human history.
and dats a fact jack

TheMART4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

Nah it isn't.

I've owned many, many gaming systems. And I've been in many, many situations with hardware giving different errors.

And it was not so long ago that the PS2 had sh!tty DVD lasers. That problem was as big, if not bigger then the scratching problems with the 360.

Some insight info:

The Toshiba/Samsung drive has no rubber bumpers. That may be able to cause the scratches. Although the disc has to be unstable for that. Mostly when people turn the console while playing a disc or it drops after it gets hit by an animal or child.

In few situations the drive is unstable itself. I know many persons with a T/S drive that NEVER EVER have had a scratched disc.

Hitachi/BenQ drives have the rubber bumpers around the laser.
BTW nice is that the investigation, made by the Dutch TV show, which is done in a lab, couldn't reproduce the scratching with a 360, even not when turning the console while the disc was spinning.

They only concluded the T/S drive had no rubber bumpers and those should have been there. That's where I agree. But for the rest its a lot of PS fanboys making a lot out of nothing

snoop_dizzle4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

The PS2 really had Sh!tty DVD lasers. That console gave me the worst problems of any i owned.

My PS2 screwed me twice, and my friends had many issues as well.
But the thing the PS2 had was great games.

BUT that doesn't excuse this problem. But man me and my friends are lucky.

gta_cb4572d ago

i agree with TheMART and snoop_dizzle.

shysun4572d ago

What about the red rings of death?!

weekapaugh4572d ago

always a good laugh to see the the mart on defense...

dominusbellum4572d ago

guy above red ring of death is only regional(still a big prob though) snoop and gta can't beleive you guys didn't get disagreed w/ for agreeing w/ the mart i mean 7 disagrees i bet half didn't even read his post which isn't inaccurate they just saw the mart and dissagreed wth

Xi4572d ago

you never played a gamegear. That thing ate batteries faster than anything.

Close_Second4572d ago

...too many of us simply hit disagree and or place negative feedback for the fact that they don't like the user who made the comment or that the comment made, even if true, does not sit well with them.

TheMarts comments above (2.1) are correct as the PS2 did have problems with their laser and used to scratch discs. He also used to have a hell of a lot more comment bubbles which I see have been vastly reduced.

Quite frankly, fanboys on both sides have ruined this site and I for one am getting sick and tired of logging in and seeing the same ole flame wars being fueled by the same ole fanboys.

gunnar29064572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

ps2 had no sh!ty lasers. The issue came with modified units. On "chippd" units' DVD-drives spin pirated game DVDs constanly that caused fast drives mulfunctions. On original units DVD-ROMs worked only on read/write request and I have the unit manufactured in 2002 that still reads even heavily scratched disks.
It is widely known fact. It is strange that you dont know it having owned so many console system.

gta_cb4572d ago

"snoop and gta can't beleive you guys didn't get disagreed w/ for agreeing w/ the mart i mean 7 disagrees i bet half didn't even read his post which isn't inaccurate they just saw the mart and dissagreed wth"

well there is a proven fact, some people (fanboys/girls) just like to be horrible to other people (in this case TheMART) even though there correct in what there saying. as this is proven as you said, cos no one has disagreed with me or snoop_dizzle.

dantesparda4572d ago (Edited 4571d ago )

You wanna talk about the fanboys. And you seem to have no trouble with TheMart and others talking about the "sh!tty" DVD drives in the PS2. But how come you dont mention anything about the "Red ring of Death" on the 360? What's worst, a PS2 that wont read/play half your games or a 360 that wont play anything at all!?

My 2nd 360 just died the other night on Wednesday, and i am heated, as $420 (thats including tax) plus $100 on 2 years of Live is the most i have ever spent on a games system. And to have it clunk out on me after only 1 year and 6 months, is unacceptable and infuriating! the least amount of bang for my buck that i have ever gotten from a game console! My 1st 360 which i bought on Nov 22nd, 05 died in about 80-something days! it kept freezing up until finally after a month red-ringed. And then my 2nd console, lasted about 1 year and 3 months, and it just froze up 2 - 3 times, then died! (Red-ringed). And MS wants me to pay them $70 (i got them to lower it by half, that was the Indian manager's best offer, and he told me he doesnt give half off easily, LOL!)

Hm, i just realized, i can cancel Live and get some of my money back. Thank goodness i hadnt bought any new games lately. I feel screwed, and now im going to have to go screw Walmart for it. Not right and not fair! i plan on further war-ing it out with MS over this, as this is a great injustice to us. For all you regional guys, im in the North East, is that where you's believe most of the bad ones are?

P.S. I know its a sh!tty pic, but its a webcam pic, so you know how that goes, i really need to get a Digital Camera, also im trying the towel trick (this is just ridiculous, completely unbelievable, ugh!). I know it looks really tight in the pictures, but its really not, it just the way the picture make it look

Update! The towel trick worked! its working again (but for how long?) Does anybody know how long the towel trick usually works for?

Update on the Update! it only works for like 15 - 20 minutes at a time before it craps out again. So no real luck

snoop_dizzle4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

that really sucks man.

But yeah, maybe it wasn't the DVD lasers, but i had multiple problems with my PS2. Thats what my friends always said about theirs.

And if you look around, we kinda do talk about the red lights of death(later posts at least), now granted we have gone off on a tangent, but the article isn't even about the reds lights of death but disk scratching issues.

But anyways yes this 360 issue is getting big.

gta_cb4571d ago

i looked at your pics that you put up, and just wanted to say your Xbox 360 COULD have overheated because of you, especially if the powerbrick is behind the console. your supose to have your Xbox 360 properly ventilated. i have put up 2 images of my set up, as you can see my Xbox 360 is well ventilated and the powerbrick is located under the unit so theres no chance of overheating.

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ITR4572d ago

I wonder if it's certain types of disc drives doing it?

MS uses 3 different companies. BenQ having the best so far.

gta_cb4572d ago

i want to know which drive i have.... i brought an Xbox 360 Premium on October the ..... i think 21st 2006 (obviously) so yeh anyone know if i which one i should have? and is there any pics to compare it to?

snoop_dizzle4572d ago

yeah it looks like i have the ben q drive

gta_cb4571d ago

thanks i had a look and i have the "Hitachi GDR-3120L Xbox 360 DVD Drive"

i read the information further down the page, and i liked what it said about the HD-DVD add on,

Toshiba SD-S802A Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive
This is not a standard 360 DVD drive it is the one that comes in the add on HD DVD unit. We have little to report about this drive at the moment (05/08/07) It is very quiet. It was designed to fit in the footprint of the standard 360 DVD so it makes us wonder if we will see one in a "special" console coming soon.

makes you wounder doenst it?

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Lord Anubis4572d ago

nice, I want them to be sued for releasing faulty systems.

gta_cb4572d ago

you want them to be sued?!.... right ok then.... who is going to sue them? im not i havnt had ANY problems with my Xbox 360. you? ... do you even have one? if not then your just a fanboy wanting bad news for MS because you like Sony.

Lord Anubis4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

lol, you are calling me a fanboy. you are the one who got offended not me. Would you want me to buy you a towel or would you rather have Microsoft buy you the towel instead?

X360 have problems, I'm not the type that just looks away when there's a problem and like the european commision fined them for hundredths of thousands of euros when they tried to monopolized their product. MS needs to realize that the consumer will not stand for the faulty machinery while they continue to make money off faulty machiner.

what are you going to do once the one year warranty is over and you have a dead console?

StateofMind4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

I want them to get sued so they stop making faulty hardware. I would have bought a 360 by now if it not for the awful reliability, and I didn't even know about this disc scratching issue. It's completely unacceptable for them to be having such widespread problems so far down the line, and on top of that they won't even really acknowledge that the problems exist.

A trial would force them to make something that doesn't break constantly and ruin your DVD's...maybe even force them to replace all of the 360's that die every other month. Unless you work for Microsoft or are bearing their children, I don't see why you would defend them at all here.

Expy4572d ago

Quantity VS Quality... That's Microsoft's issue.