PS3: The Eye of Judgment Preview

Whether borne of a marketing meeting or merely the result of imagination run wild, there's no denying the unbelievable potential for profit held within The Eye of Judgment. Endless expansions? Booster packs? It's the stuff of dreams, assuming you own stock in Sony.

But if you're actually planning on playing The Eye of Judgment, you don't care. You're in it for the experience, the competition, or perhaps the collectable aspect of it all. Previous attempts to encapsulate the collectible card game (CCG) experience in a digital format have largely failed due to one presumably obvious element: the lack of cards! I'm no expert in the realm of CCGs, but there's a definite thrill in buying booster packs, assembling a deck, and having physical cards that you can swap or sell.

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sonarus4208d ago

Great concept with nice innovation but still not interested

freeza4208d ago

so thats why you had to Comment on this game cause your not interested
what ever

Asylumchild4208d ago

I can not wait for this game this is the type of game that you play injoy it and dont tell anyone you play it hahahahaha!

ErcsYou4208d ago

i use to play magic and loved it, except for the whole CCG dork comments. so now i can be a CCG dork in the privacy of my own home. ill never tell my friends but leading a double life sounds interesting. it could be worse!! i could collect pokemon

PhinneousD4208d ago

Is sony trying to be Nintendo with Pokemon???

fenderputty4208d ago

but in 3-D ... not my thing but, it's defiantly cool if you're into that sort of thing.

PhinneousD4207d ago (Edited 4207d ago )

i find it all quite too nerdy. this ventures into the realm of D&D, and Magik was over the top vapid.

fenderputty4207d ago (Edited 4207d ago )

Does that mean this won't be a success amongst the niche market that it's obviously targeting? Pull your head out man ... it's WAAAY cooler then Pokemon .. simply because it's using state of the art tech to render real time 3D thing from your card. This should be big in Japan too.

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