Buffalo Grove boy dials 911 after parents take away his Xbox video game

Chicago Tribute writes:
"The teen called 911 about 12:50 p.m. Sunday but then hung up, said Cmdr. Steve Husak. Officers went to the house, and after hearing the story, told the youth that his parents have the authority to take away his Xbox as punishment.

He also was advised to listen to his parents, Husak said. "

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Blaster_Master4271d ago

Dude, taking away video games from your child for no reason is torture. The parents should be punished for child neglect. LOL! Seriously though, I cant take the controller from my son if he's playing spyro 2 or Ratchet CIT. He goes bananas.

Gary Glitter4271d ago

Maybe he saw that flopza flopped LOL or he sew the npd sales figures.

Gary Glitter4271d ago

Maybe its the childs way of saying he wants a ps3

Darkstorn4270d ago

If a kid is that obsessed with gaming at such a young age, it can't be healthy. The parents should have told the child what he had done wrong so that he would learn that actions have consequences. Instead, parents these days will simply punish their children without letting them know the rationale behind their actions.

UltimateIdiot9114270d ago

Not to be offensive or anything but you better straighten your kid out otherwise in the future, it can only be hurtful for him. He doesn't sound too healthy if he goes banana when you take away the controller.

kraze074270d ago

I remember when I was a kid my parents told me I couldn't play video games until after I finished my homework. This was after I got GOOD grades on a report card. I was like WTF?!? My way of getting back at them was failing all of my classes the next semester. The plan worked. They didn't care when I played games after that as long as I did my homework. The way I see it is if your kids are mature for their age then treat them how they deserve to be treated. Don't punish them for no reason and let them play mature games if they want.

leyego4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

i remember when i was a kid. the young age of 4 when super mario world was my world. imagine your parents putting keys under ur feet because u have a habbit of jumping when mario jumps.

i turned out pretty well (uni degree) making tons of money, married, kids. i still hate my parents and brother for doing that kinda crap to me when i wanted to play a carefree game of mario. i say let him play but not to the point where he can't function without it.

finish your homework, then play games.

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Farmhand4271d ago

well, thats an xbot for you!!

LastPlaceConsole4271d ago

Damn that's very dangerous

never take away the 360 from your child

4271d ago
TheTeam064270d ago

Dangerous would be allowing him to play it for hours because, eventually, he would get arrested for arson.

4270d ago
Lord Shuhei Yoshida4271d ago

Oh no! He won't be able to play with Gay Tony now XD

Sunny_D4270d ago

OOOOH NOOO! Who will take care of MILO???? He's all alone!! How could you xbots!? HOW COULD YOU!

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