A batch of new Overlord screenshots

30 new screenshots of Overlord, the action adventure game that will be released in June 2007 on both the PC and Xbox 360.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii4742d ago

It's sure has come a long way and is looking kinda good.

i rule4742d ago

Im just waiting for the trolls to say "its also gonna be on ps3 too just you wait!"

Dr Pepper4742d ago

The visual style of this game reminds me of fable, which is good (imo)

power of Green 4742d ago

Looks mostly like sh*t. Seems cool though they just need to add some detail and work on shadowing looks like objects have rough shapes with paintings on them.

#2 is it? sure looks like it was in mind, J/K.

bluebrad19744742d ago

Sony trolls constantly try to brand the 360 as a shooter only console. Overlord along with numerous alreay released titles prove once again that these people don't know what they are talking about.
I absolutely love the art direction that the majority of UK developers take. It's magical, and a joy to play.Alot of Japanese developers for almost 10 years now have produced an art style that is borderline homosexual in most cultures. The direction that the more popular U.K. developers take is nothing like what most console gamers have been fed, and it's a breath of fresh air from a stagnant art enviroment. I want more Euro art and less Japanese art. This game will be added to collection June 26.

id dot entity4742d ago

Overlord isn't being developed in the UK, but in The Netherlands.

ngg123454742d ago

netherlands was a part of england. Then again, this game will mostly be a sub average 6.0-7.0 game. It doesn't look, play, or seem fun from the previews. The only part of the game I heard that was decent was the use of trolls similar to pikmin gamestyle. The reason why you may think sony trolls think that xbox 360 is a shooter console, is primarily because the highest scoring games are always shooters. Look at the games that scored in the high 80's and low 90's, only 1 was a non shooter, oblivion. COD2, Graw, Graw2, R6V, and Gears of war were some of the highest scoring games on xbox 360. You could state that xbox 360 is a non shooter console with tmnt, naruto, surfs up, viva pinata, and this game. But I will hardly call these games must have, or even great games.

_insane_cobra4741d ago

Viva Pinata is among the best games released last year.