Heavenly Sword Preview By Techtree

Techtree says:

There is something very enchanting and intriguing about girls with weapons, no wonder Lara Croft is so popular. We even featured an article about Babes of Gaming a year back. This time around, we have a new babe joining the gang. Her name is Nariko, and yes she is hot. So what is she doing with a weapon called Heavenly Sword? Kicking the hell out of the evil kings army of course. And who is this evil king? He's Andy Serkis. Now who is Andy? Well, he is King Kong and Golem. Where am I getting at? Read on.

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sonarus4577d ago

OOkkk we get it, its a great game now bring on the demo will you damn

ErcsYou4577d ago

please stop posting news about heavenly sword, it has no release date and its starting to haunt me. i cant sleep and i cant enjoy my other games because i know HS is the ultimate game for my ps3. i dont even care what kind of ratings it gets, I ( as in ME) think this is the cream of the crop for ps3 games of 2007. i know their is a bunch of FPS( which i love again) and others but this game feels so fresh and exciting , no other game has made me feel like this in a long time. i think warhawk, lair, haze ,UT3, KV2, NGS and others are all must have games also, but none of them seem as inspiring as heavenly sword. after i saw this game in action, i knew i had to have a ps3. ah fuk a VGjunkie , gimme more news , help me with my addiction