Mass Effect Trailer on XBLMP

Talk about sporadic release times. This is a trailer of the E3 demo in 720p and 480p. If you don't have access to XBLMP you can download it from Xboxyde.

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Cyclonus5796d ago

This is, hands down, the most awesome-looking game ever made; It's like a sci-fi novel come to life, or like a Star Wars film you participate in.

Mass Effect cements the Xbox 360 as THE console for the next generation....add in Gears of War, Halo 3, Bioshock, Viva Pinata, Forza 2, Splinter Cell:DA, Fable 2, GTA 4--the only place to play ALL of these AAA titles in one place is the 360.

There has never been a line-up like that in gaming history.

specialguest5796d ago

this game is absolutely beatiful. i love a good sci-fi starwars type RPG.

pRo loGic II5795d ago (Edited 5795d ago )

I have never seen anything like it. The blue creature made me mad, she really came across as an beitch. Great stuff can't wait...

BOSS5795d ago

Amazing !! Best looking game ever made, hands down.

Moostache5795d ago

That is really looking strong. Some of those character models reminded me of the "heavy rain" tech-demo that was recently released.

Nice to know that at least some developers are familiar with the desires of "next-gen" gamers...hope to see a lot more like this in the next few months.

The great Me5795d ago

Yeah except that the lip syncing here is much better.

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The story is too old to be commented.