The Last Remnant Developer Interview

Famitsu Magazine have had the chance to interview the producers and designers of The Last Remnant for PS3 and Xbox 360. The people interviewed were Hiroshi Takai (battle system director on Romancing Saga Minstrel Song), chief artist Kimihiko Miyamae (background director for FF and SaGa titles), art producer Yusuke Naora (art direction on FF and SaGa games) and producer Nobuyuki Ueda (project management for the SaGa series).

They discussed The Last Remnant's backgound and their personal involvement in the production of the game.

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PlayStation3604742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

I believe this game may also boost 360 sales in Japan. I, however, will buy this for my PS3. I plan on buying my games evenly with multiplatform games (ie: Last Remnant-PS3, Dark Sector-360, Elder Scrolls 4-360, UT3- PS3). :P

@ PhantomLee

Phantom_Lee4742d ago

I don't think it will boots that many...since you can just get it on PS3...since many of them want to play FF13 as well

not too many people want this game instead of FF13

ImTheNumber124742d ago

I want to know how Square is going to pull off 2 FF13s. Maybe, in this day and age, some would grab FF13 and Last Remnant...but hey I guess buying 2 RPGs is pretty blasphemous.

Xi4742d ago

I also think they're making an mmo, project sylpheed, and they have like 3 other ff13 titles in the works

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Xeoset4742d ago

You people realise the the current PS3 Sales in Japan are almost as bad as the 360's?

For the past 2 months it's been around:
Wii - 60k
PS3 - 9k
360 - 3k

Go look at the Japanese NPD numbers.

Anyway, more great games headed my way. Can't wait for the Achievements listing.

CrazzyMan4742d ago

do you understand, that ps3 only 6 month on the market and has not much games on it?

and also costs twice more then x360.

Xeoset4742d ago

And the Wii's been there for the same amount of time, it's selling the PS3 6:1.

The Wii doesn't have games either. The price point is arguable, but if people wanted the PS3, especially considering it's Sony's home turf, they would be buying it.

Also, the only games the 360 have in Japan are starting to pump out now. WarTech, Trusty Bell, BD, etc.

CrazzyMan4742d ago

Wii - 2.56m Japan
PS3 - 0.93m Japan

Less then 3 times, and Price is almost 3:1 between ps3 and wii.

So you saying, after 1,5 year x360 couldn`t get any games fo japan? LOL.
btw, you forget DR, LP, geow, DoA4, DoAX 2, BD, EA, RR6, Forza2 so it had some games, but this won`t help to a dead console.

When TB is released, NGS will come out too, and then next week Folklore.

BitbyDeath4741d ago

Lately they've been doing this -

5) PlayStation 3: 9,627 [444,181] +968
6) Xbox 360: 2,044 [99,725] +18

For the past few months which means

PS3- 10,000 and
X360- 2,000

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AcidRhain4741d ago

How I see it... SquareEnix will see the better sales numbers of the 360 vs the PS3... more and more games will be multi then exclusives will be showing up on the 360. It'll be a trend.

Anyways, this game looks decent. But I'm holding out for Lost Odyssey.