History Of Video Games In Four Minutes

Spanning all genres of gameplay from 1972 to 2007, and pulling from several consoles and handhelds, there's easily a hundred different games that were included in the four minute video.

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ITR4568d ago

It's bad when you can name almost everyone of those games.

DADO4568d ago

Oh yeah, it brings old memories back! Doesn't it?

JasonPC360PS3Wii4568d ago

It sure does. Those were some good ole days when gamers thought those were great graphics LOL. Look at it now WOW! games sure have come a long way.

DADO4568d ago

We are still not satisfied with the graphic and never will be. That is just human nature.

TheMART4568d ago

Pfew yeah and the 360 got more games inthere, count them.... zzzzzz

BTW more people that played about every game that has been show in this video? Would be nice to hear below

Heck, I can say that the majority of games shown here I can play today even. Thats the coolest part of it all. I hope more of them will come to XBL Arcade, like Sensible Soccer is!

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