Folklore gameplay vids and an extra Japanese cutscene

Here are three trailers that should give a better idea of how Game Republic's Folklore for the PlayStation 3 should run. The first two videos show how gameplay works and how the various monsters can be attacked and "grabbed" and then subsequently "drained" (SIXAXIS shaking included) by your character. The two trailers show a wide variety of the monsters you could run into, and it gives a good preview of one environment in the game.

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InMyOpinion4786d ago (Edited 4786d ago )

Looks like Phantasy Star online gameplaywise (which is good). But what's up with the dark contrast? Do all Ps3 games have this darkness to them? I thought this game was going to look better. Animations and backgrounds look flat. Looks like your average 6.5 scorer...

Antan4786d ago

Clearly you have not played the demo.