Girls getting faceboobed La Pucelle's new marketing strategy (new scans)

Nippon Ichi hopes to sell the PSP's La Pucelle Ragnarok via the time-tested sales booster of the female body, as evidenced in the newest pieces of artwork for the remake. Plus new scans.

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Godmars2904875d ago

Sorry, what were you saying...

Reibooi4875d ago

Wow I didn't know La Pucelle was coming to the PSP. I really hope it comes stateside. La Pucelle is one of my favorite games ever would be a shame if we don't see the game come stateside.

Prototype4874d ago

Does that mean there's lesbian action? :D

Relientk774875d ago

Well, thats just good advertising


PopEmUp4875d ago

(picture) are those watermelon?

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The story is too old to be commented.