Less Than 100 iPhones Per Store Available At Launch

Merrill Lynch analysts today reports that although market expectations are higher, Apple will only ship 4 million iPhones this year.

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gta_cb4574d ago

i would like to see how Apple does with there iPhone.
although i wont be getting one, i will stay with my Sony Ericsson K800i

Kleptic4574d ago

yeah dude...I have a W800i, best phone I ever owned...I love the removable memory stick and built in media player stuff...Where do you live though? I had a k750i but those tribands had GSM 900 instead of 850, so service in my area was garbage with it...sold it on ebay to buy the one I have now...the w800i is quad band, so it has the 850i...I thought the k800's were tri-band and didn't have 850mhz...

unlocked for 200 bucks through Amazon...I won't buy a new phone for years...

gta_cb4574d ago

cool you found a good deal, i like in the UK, my phone works great, i never go out of signal, the media player and all the extra stuff they have put into the phone is cool.

the thing i like about my phone the most, is the ability to phone someone up and send messages, play games or take photos etc at the same time. oh and the camera is amazing, beautiful 3.2MP photos and yeh very easy to transfer with the removable memory stick.

Kleptic4574d ago

Yeah in the U.S. they only use GSM 850 and 1900 I believe...and the 850 is what works the best for more rural areas...the higher frequencies are usually only used in bigger cities...

mine is based off the k750i, and only has the 2.0mp camera...which is still pretty good for a cell phone...but the mp3/acc playback is great...I never bought any other mp3 because of it...the little cards go up to 8 gigs now...

gta_cb4574d ago

yeh i know what you mean, although i did get an iPod nano at the same time as i got my K800i so i use my iPod for music as its soo... small and obviously my mobile/cell phone whatever ya wanna call it for phoning/texts. the only think that i dont like about my phone and i think its the same with yours, is that the memory cards are M2 which are the most expensive =( a 1gig would cost the same ammount as a 4gig (i think) so yeh i wish it didnt cost as much especially with the memory cards being smaller then the cheaper ones lol, how ironic is that.

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Bonsai12144574d ago

if i had another 600 bucks to drop. but the mini iphone isn't out of my grasp... (but then again, i'm about to be a college student... which means poor poor poor..)

but yeah, apple stock, up to at least 150 by the end of june.. mark my words

gta_cb4574d ago

unlucky, im sure if you want one bad enough you could buy one =)

my situation is, i could save up for one, but i have an iPod nano, i have a Sony Ericsson K800i
so with me owning these 2 things, wouldnt it be a step backwards if i got an iPhone?
unless it has a better camera then 3.2mege pixel, and has loads of features that i dont have.

snoop_dizzle4574d ago

i don't like the fact that id pay over 600 dollars and have to put my fingers all over the screen.

Sure you can clean it, but to me it would just be like me rubbing my hands over a nice HDTV. I just wouldn't do it.

Premonition4574d ago

Thats why they have cases for it.

ITR4574d ago

Well the iPhone has a smear resistant screen, so it shouldn't be too bad.

Also you can always buy an overlay for it.

Don't you know touch screen HDTV is the future =0)

snoop_dizzle4574d ago

i would want to use a stylus if possible.

id dot entity4574d ago

I want one and I will probably get one next year. When it's out in Europe that is.

Of course, if it proves to be worth it.

Xi4574d ago

sorry, apple, you're products suck as much as microsofts.

dikturbo4574d ago

Now that's one of the dumber things I've ever read here.
Once you go mac you never go back.

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The story is too old to be commented.