Mass Effect Does for Games What Star Wars Did for Films

Pssst. Jedi wannabes. You might wanna jump ship. A sci-fi force more powerful than Lucas' is coming soon - not to a theater, but to an Xbox 360 near you. The Canadian developer behind 2003's Knights of the Old Republic, a game set in the Star Wars universe, already did what none of the films could do: It let players choose the light or dark side of the Force and influence the plot accordingly.

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snoop_dizzle4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

and all their games have been really good including KOTOR which won a game of the year award(they didn't make KOTOR 2 btw)

This could really be the big game for the 360. Maybe even more so than Halo 3. Not in sales of course, but quality wise.

Fortunetly there are supposed sequels.

I can't wait.

gta_cb4747d ago

yeh me neither, i looked at some screens and they look great!

InMyOpinion4747d ago

To me, this and Bioshock are more interesting than Halo 3. I'm not much of a multiplayer so...

Legionaire20054747d ago

Don't forget the disappointment of Jade Empire which was way too short for an RPG. It would take a person about 8 or 10 hours to beat the game, that's as short as a shooter nowadays. I thought was wrong when they gave this game a 9.9 that's overrated.

AcidRhain4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

So many games and sooo little time to play them.

I'm glad they are branching away from the Star Wars franchise... the market is overrun with them and it's getting to be overkill and annoying. I'm starting to avoid StarWars inspired games all together.

gta_cb4747d ago

i do agree except i would like to see battlefront 3 on the Xbox 360/PS3 so i got to buy/rent it when its available.

sak5004747d ago

Yeah Star wars franchise on next gen consoles would be great. Not talking about the kiddy lego crap. Battlefront 3 would be sweet also wish they would make x-wing vs tie-fighter game where huge space battles are enacted. For the time being we'll hv to do with Force Unleashed but dont know when its coming out.

dominusbellum4747d ago

have you guys heard of a little title coming out called star wars:The Force Unleashed if you have you are very lucky b/c that game is going to be ridiculously sick it Mr. Lucas said it himself that it will be the tie-in between Episode 3 and 4 Lead Character:

Darth Vaders apprentice Hell Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

Xeoset4747d ago


Mass Effect <3

Caxtus7504747d ago

its nice to see so many new exclusives that aren't sequels to really leave xbox's mark like the PS2 did with ratchet and clank etc.

Mass effect and Alan wake for example are all great and it really is in MS's favor to keep them exclusive. Saying that, i am a die hard halo fan and cant wait for the equal lol. point is this seems like yet another flagship title :D

Expy4747d ago

Comparing Mass Effect to Star Wars is "complete BS"...

gta_cb4747d ago

alot of things have been compared which are "complete BS"

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The story is too old to be commented.