Turok - The Bane of Dinosaurs is Back

Turok, the FPS that just loves to hate dinosaurs will be landing in stores for the Xbox 360 and PS3 September 17th.

Propaganda Games will be releasing a demo before shipping Turok, and promises that new life has been brought to the franchise. Graphics and atmosphere will be more pristine and filled with the 'wow factor' thanks to the Unreal Engine 3.

Propaganda has hinted at the possibility of dinosaurs having A.I. This means that the T-Rex coming at you will be extra frightening and much more than a looming beast with a pea-sized brain. Raptors, the worst of the lot, will be even more cunning and predatory than what we are used to in Turok games.

Multiplayer options for up to 16 people is new to the franchise, and players will not only have to contend with these roaming enemies wanting to frag them to bits, but add the raging reptiles into the mix and you have carnage to the extreme.

Turok's story takes place on a dreary and unknown planet in the future, where your character, John Turok is the member of a Special Forces squad charged with the mission to destroy his former mentor Roland Kane. Now a criminal, Kane lives on this genetically altered planet and has his own army waiting to blast you to bits. The storyline is reminiscent of Turok history, but the question on most fans minds is whether this game picks up where Turok: Shadow of Oblivion left off. It would be unfair to leave us wondering what happened after that memorable cliffhanger, and despite Acclaim going bankrupt and not finishing the storyline in a fourth installment – Propaganda should give fans what they want. We all hate an open ending, and here's hoping that this new chapter closes the book, or takes us along for one hell of a fun ride.

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blikz4160d ago

With the unreal engine 3 this game gonna be crazy!!! Shoot down the dinasour!!! Bang! Bang!

Cartesian3D4160d ago

hope some day use crytech engine .. to make that games. :P

more realistic environment..

anyway it will be cool... I love to shoot at T-rex in Tomb rider 1 :P

power of Green 4160d ago

My all time favorite FPS. I bought my Xbox because i was so in love with innovative console FPS's because of Turok when Halo CE launched i had to have it.

P4KY B4160d ago

More like FFS rather than FPS

Too many good games in one month, not enough time to play them all.

God of Gaming4160d ago

Ouch.. a week before Halo 3... bad timing for Turok.

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The story is too old to be commented.