Killzone 2 September Release to Counter Halo?

According to the recent Gamepro Magazine, Dutch developer Guerrilla is coming along in their development of Killzone 2. According to the magazine Killzone could appear already in September of this year.


Killzone PS3 in September = Incorrect

In the latest issue of GamePro magazine, they said:

"Killzone has been confirmed for a September release. Considering what we saw, gameplay-wise, at GDC in March, I think pushing this incredibly hyped and anticipated FPS out too early is a mistake, but it will sell like chocolate-chip hotcakes even if it’s another partial turd like the first."

Here’s what Seb “motherH” of Guerrilla Games had to say:

"That is incorrect. I don’t know why they would think this. Killzone for PS3 is not being released at that time."


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gta_cb4748d ago

hmmm... so what do we all think about this?...

im not to sure as i didnt know what the original release date was.

FreeMonk4747d ago

I can't see anything countering Halo 3 when it's released in October.

Sound biased I know, but I can't see any game being released this year that could counter the sales that Halo 3 is going to rack up!

JsonHenry4747d ago

I am an Xbox lover. I like it better than my PS3. But Halo is just a mediocre game that happens to be better than a lot of other crap out on consoles.

As a PC gamer first and foremost, I can tell you that the BEST shooter (on consoles) to be released this year will be the Half-Life 2 for BOTH the PS3 and Xbox 360.

So never fear, both systems are being treated to a great game. Leave Halo 3 and Killzone 2 on the store shelf until it comes down in price and do yourself a favor.

MADGameR4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

First off you can't really say that. You never know! If Killzone 2 is said to counter Halo 3 then there is a lot we must see with KIllzone 2. You can't say its going to suck. How would you like it if I said ''Halo 3 is going to SUCK!'' which ofcourse its going to be another overhype. Crysis beat the hell out of Halo 3 on visuals. Uncharted Drake's Fortune's water simulation pwns Halo 3's water simulation anyday. What if Killzone 2 outsells Halo 3 and is better?? Then because of overhype which 360 fanboys say to anything with the name ''Halo'' that its better than any game. Don't sleep!

snoop_dizzle4747d ago

they show stuff.

Until i see stuff i have no faith in this game.

Killzone 2 could be great, i hope it is, cause then thats another PS3 game i want to play, but sony hasn't stopped halo before, what makes you think they will this time. Adding to that, sony couldn't even counter the sales even with a bigger install base with the PS2 least generation.

Sales wise Sony cant with halo, unless its MGS or FF, but thats not probably even coming around then.

FreeMonk4747d ago

JasonHenry - The Half-Life 2 package for the X360 and the PS3 is going to be awesome, just for the sheer content available in it. The problem that the PS3 has though is that HL2 in not out until next year, whereas the X360 get's it this year in Oct/Nov, still giving gamers a good month or two to enjoy Halo 3, which many game will disagree with you that it's mediocre, but it's all about personal taste!

MADgameR - Sorry MADgameR, I can say that. It's my opinion.

I didn't say there IS NOTHING that can counter Halo 3, I said I can't see anything countering Halo 3, which is a personal prediction and in which I could be wrong!

I also didn't mention anything about Killzone sucking, you brought up the sucking part. I also didn't mention anything about graphics towards Halo 3 or Killzone. Yet again, that's something you brought up.

So it sounds like you are the out of control fanboy running on the Killzone 2 trailer and hype!

I totally agree with Snoop Dizzel though. If Sony show off Killzone 2, and it play and runs like the trailer they shown at E3'05, and then gets great reviews as well (because a lot of people buy games based on reviews...I do sometimes!), then maybe they could counter Halo 3, but it'll be tough! They tried it with the original Killzone against Halo 2, but it didn't do too well at all, just because it played like crap and the reviews were awful. Sony need to make sure that it doesn't happen to KZ2!

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Amplifier4748d ago

Can we stop posting ridiculous nonsense the devs have said numerous times that it wasn't making it this year!

Just not going to happen especially since it will most likely have a public beta for the multiplayer aspect of the game.


MADGameR4747d ago

RECAP! X Box in 6 years? 30Million sold world wide, PS2 in 6 years? 190 Million world wide! So monkmonk you are in no position to talk. You act as if MS won the last gen war? rofl!

CAPS LOCK4748d ago

this is a nice move by sony. they clearly have the advantage because they seen how halo 3 looks like so they could actually "borrow" some ideas and improve on other things. however killzone does seem to be directly competing against halo, even though they dont admit it we can tell by the release date. looks like September will be a busy month for me...

nice find i will approve this.

darktangent4747d ago

We all know that the Beta is just a slimed down version of what the actual gameplay and features will offer. So unless the Sony Execs have 360's, bought Crackdown for the beta access and took the time to do the custom game gllitch, there is not much for them to go on. Personally, I think it is foolish to put a game out like a sacrifical lamb but I guess it is free advertising for Killzone to be the said rival for Halo in September.

AcidRhain4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

Well Sony has been "borrowing" ideas through this whole generation and consumer respect follows accordingly to the innovator, not the copycat... and as for now Sony has lost a lot of respect imo. It wouldn't suprise me that they will "borrow" ideas from Halo3. But as we are gamers with actual brains, we can see all the stolen ideas and lack of creativity that makes up the PS3. We'll have to wait and see.

neogeo4747d ago

Killzone has more programers working on it then any other game in history.

just a fun lil fact:)

grunt3604748d ago

ROFLLOLLMAOZORZ! Ha Ha Ha. Whats are they gonna exactly gonna counter?

Honeal2g4747d ago

This is an English speaking forum work on your pronouncing your thoughts properly with proper grammar before speaking reckless! 5 million reserves enough said ..... even if those numbers are not confirmed i think its safe to Assume those number are highly realistic if not reserves then definitely in sales!

ben hates you4748d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

both games to be finished to compare, and i don't know if this is the smartest move for sony, for HALO will take ALL the media, not saying killzone will suck but media will go to halo

@caplocks-show me some current killzone gameplay, if youc an find it, please no cgi

DADO4747d ago

Yes i agree. But if Killzone looks and plays better than Halo that the media would include that in the hype of Helo. It would be free publicity for Sony. That doesn't meant that it will happen but it could happen.