Feature: Top 10 Things to do Before the Halo 3 beta Ends

On June 10, Microsoft pulls the Halo 3 beta and forces people to wait until the game's September 25 release. Before it vanishes, make sure you do 10 very important things that'll enhance your Master Chief experience.

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crunkthug4579d ago

plz people can someone explain to me why this game so popular is?!?!?!
one is sure: not the graphics!!!!!

Caxtus7504579d ago (Edited 4579d ago )

the gameplay! it is still unbeaten is so easy to play and yet hard to master and has so many layers. The casual game, the competitive game....playing with friends and more game modes than almost any other game!

It just feels so right and all the physic and animation just work and are fluid. The map design is brilliant and LIVE was made for Halo. More online features than ANY other console game by a LONG way and halo 2 still holds that title 4 years later.

/halo rant


gta_cb4579d ago

that kinda comment isnt going to do you any favours on this site, especially your title "halo 3 sucksssssssss" maybe if this was but not on a gamers website.

Hayabusa 1174577d ago

Your comments shows you've never played the game, so how can you say it sucks?

crunkthug4579d ago

ok its the gameplay
becoz i never played this game and im wondering:
why is it so big?!?
but i had right: it wasnt the graphics, because the graphics r not good enough to be so huge!!

Caxtus7504579d ago (Edited 4579d ago )

halo 2 and halo 1 had JAW dropping graphics for the time and Halo 2 still looks pretty nice nowadays, yes not great now but certainly not yes graphics too....but game play first and foremost...

the graphics were amazing back then. Halo 1? loading whilst playing? HUGE environments and phenomenal art design and water 2002?....

some gamer you are....

gta_cb4579d ago

sorry mate but you just got pwned by Chexd, i dont know if you have only joined recently as there has been quite alot of news regarding Halo 3, and this has been said a lot of times, but i am gonna say it one more time. for bungie its gamplay > graphics.

the original halo fotage was in game graphics, they actually stated that on one of the few interviews recently. so yet again another thing which has been said, wait until the game is released until saying things about graphics as we wouldnt want you to have to eat your words now would we ;)

ArmrdChaos4579d ago your own words Halo sucks, BUT you admittedly say that you never played the game before...laughable, and everything I have come to expect from most of the comments on this site.

I suppose it would be a much better game at 2160p, 2vs2, and 10frames a second because graphics are everything.

gta_cb4579d ago

nice... i think you went a bit over the top with 2160p (yes i know double 1080p) but yeh i spose he would call any game better if it was like this.

Quicksilva4579d ago

I'm actually trying to hold back from playing it too much. Gotta wait for full game :(

gta_cb4579d ago

yeh i liked playing it, although i have actually not played it as much as i thought as not alot of my friends have crackdown, so when i go online they always invite me to play games like Gears lol.

are you one of those people who has had 300+ matches?

Quicksilva4578d ago

I'm one of those guys that buys too many games but doesn't have enough time to play them :(((

Honoustly, I just have my opinion already on the game and I don't want to overplay it so I'm just gonna hang on ^^

Evil Rant Monkey4579d ago

The number on thing everyone must do before the beta ends is play some custom match! Slice someone up with the Energy Sword, Decimate with the Wraith, pistol whip someone with the magnum! Go play some Ninja Ball! The fun lies in the custom matches guys... and ladies?

gta_cb4579d ago

yeh i played about 4 custom matches the other day, there soo much fun, harder to kill people with low gravity, although it seems even harder to get away from people on the ice map with low gravity lol

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