Lions Gate Reveals Xbox Live Video Marketplace Numbers

Lions Gate Entertainment, as part of its earnings report for the fourth quarter, has noted that video on demand services such as Xbox Live's Video Marketplace helped drive digital revenues up 50%, adding that the XBL service has seen 150,000 download rentals of 15 films.

Though the company offered no further breakdown of the specific films, company CEO Jon Feltheimer said overall video on demand sales of its Employee of the Month film "exceeded $3 million on a film that grossed about $27 million at the domestic box office."

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darktangent4157d ago

I think the live video marketplace has finally got its legs under it. Hopefully we will soon be able to get newer released films.

gta_cb4157d ago

if MS had released this in Europe then the numbers would have been even higher, i know this as me and some friends all want to use this feature, i also just wanna watch some movies in HD without having to buy an add on or a PS3.

Rhezin4157d ago

^ ya seriously there are like none, they should have a new film out every day or every other day whether it new or old

NextGen24Gamer4157d ago

New releases? Every week they add new releases....Movies only come out on Tuesdays you know...not every day...and they have many movies for download that are in HD that aren't even released on Blu ray or HD dvd yet. Blood Diamond for example. I'm on my way to my Son's Track meet otherwise I would turn my 360 on and lest the New releases for download. Maybe when I get back. But there are many. SUre it could always be more...but there is a solid selection and with Lionsgate making 3 million on a film that only grossed 27 million at the theatres...WOW...Thats great. One movie studio see's 150,000 downloads....I'm sure with all the moie studios its over 1 million downloads which is as much or more than blu ray total sales....and that tells a lot about the download service MS is offering.

gta_cb4157d ago

correct, i live in UK but i made an american account and there are new releases alot.

fjtorres4157d ago

They're doing a handful of new movies each week; a mixture of recent and older films. They are being careful not to flood the catalog so they don't fragment the audience to where no movie makes enough to justify its availability on the service.
Need to remember, guys, that the studios are "customers" of this service so this report is important; it indicates they are satisfied with the extra revenue. And if the studios are satisfied, they'll offer more movies and more of the better movies in their back-catalog. It'll take a while to build up the customer base to a size large enough to justify a big catalog; the bigger the customer base, the bigger the catalog and the larger the number of the "special" releases of HD content that isn't availabe elsewhere...
We just need to be patient and hope the prices come down a bit...

DixieNormS4157d ago

Elite and torres are right on the money with this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.