Devil May Cry 4 Update

Devil May Cry 4 producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi has at last spoken out following Capcom's decision to make its big PS3 exclusive multiplatform. Fittingly, Famitsu's all Xbox 360 publication, Famitsu Xbox 360, was the recipient of Kobayashi's most recent comments on the game.

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gta_cb4743d ago

i am a little bit confused... is this comming to Xbox 360 or not?

The Snake4743d ago

Devil May Cry 4 is coming to Xbox 360.

MADGameR4743d ago

''Hopefully, it will be on both systems'' which means that it will but, its either if something goes wrong or the decision has been made to stay with PS3 only. Or it could be something with the cost?

gta_cb4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

cheers guys, reason i asked was cos i didnt read all the story, but i read it all and yeh there using the Framework engine and "the business decision that we couldn't exclude the Xbox 360" so yeh thanks.

i have seen some gameplay and it seems to be a title to grab =)

Elginer4743d ago

yep coming to the 360 to make more money, it's all about the Benjamin's

DarkestHour004742d ago

I had heard it wasn't coming out till 2008. Anyone else heard this?

jaydesi4742d ago

Yes early 2008 was stated, but it "Could" see the light in 2007 around DEC my guess would be.