Rumor: Sony In Talks With Mozilla

If things work out with these talks, our PS3 net browsing experience could soon get a LOT better.

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YLOD Service Tech5127d ago

No matter what browser you port onto the PS3 it will suck hard. With only 256mb of available RAM, you won't get any better than the current one. Another attempt waiting to fail from Sony.

Double075127d ago (Edited 5127d ago )

News sent in: 4 minutes ago.

Inbred troll above comments 3 minutes later.

Nice job man that was pretty quick piece of trolling. And speaking of fail im pretty sure you know all about that right.

Hows the internet browser working on your 360? Oh..hang on.

tdrules5127d ago

go to processes on your pc and tell me how much memory the firefox browser is using, it is never above 100k really.
keep on trollin'

Foliage5127d ago

It's such a shame for you that the PS3 has 512mb of ram and a more streamlined pipeline than the 360, it also has a much better processor (not even close). Sorry bot, but crying in every PS3 thread will not make the emptiness go away. Microsoft touched you inappropriately, just face it and move along.

Anorexorcist5127d ago (Edited 5127d ago )

"With only 256mb of available RAM, you won't get any better than the current one. Another attempt waiting to fail from Sony."

Oh really???

That is an interesting assessment there because...last time I checked...that grey block with that red circle at the front of it that you worship that sits next to your television set doesn't even have a web browser!

You Troll, Therefore You Are!!!

Foliage5127d ago

This technical jargon probably means nothing to a simpleton like you, but:

ps3 = 256mb ram CPU ram operating at 3.2 GHz.
360 = 512mb shared ram operating at 700 MHz.

That 3.2 GHz actually means something. The PS3 RAM is so much faster than the pathetic 360 RAM that your argument makes no sense. Another thing, shared RAM is a disaster in performance. Just another reason why the 360 is made of fail.

It also helps that the PS3 has that additional 256mb of RAM. I hope I didn't interrupt your crying period. I know after reading this you are going to need a bigger bucket.

Hellsvacancy5127d ago

Does the 360 even hav a web-browser (not sarcasm)

xcox5127d ago (Edited 5127d ago )

check out http://www.astroglide.com/p...

my girlfriend says it worked miracles for her.

firefox on ps3? F@CK YEAH!

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fr0sty5127d ago (Edited 5127d ago )

That couldn't be farther from the truth. My firefox browser rarely ever goes over 256mb's of ram used, and that's with several tabs open at once. PS3 is sure to limit you to 3-4 tabs at once like it currently does to prevent too much RAM from being used.

The internet doesn't require much memory, the average web page doesn't exceed a few MB's in size.

I currently have like 8 tabs open, and I'm at 280 mb's of ram used.

zootang5127d ago (Edited 5127d ago )

I take this with a pinch of salt

I agree + Bubble!

fr0sty5127d ago

as you should with ANY rumor, no matter how reliable the source.

coolcole935127d ago

Would you all join me in a prayer that this is true?


darthv725127d ago

be it chrome, firefox, opera or even safari...all of them are better than the current ps3 browser. I will gladly take any of them over the current browser any day.

In fact...I do.

Lifendz5127d ago

if they get a Mozilla interface it would be even better. Pretty soon the PS3 box is going to be clogged with all the features/functionality (netflix, blu-ray, free online, PSN, Mozilla browser, Facebook, etc, etc).

raztad5127d ago (Edited 5127d ago )


Let me pry with you brother.

I think very very lightweight versions of Gecko (mozilla engine) are running in small devices. Something in the lines (extremely low memory footprint) should come to the PS3 OS. That would be incredible. I hope there is some truth behind this, Sony knows its browser its really lacking.

fr0sty5127d ago

this comes from a source I trust very much... they helped us with other rumors in the past, like pinpointing the exact date we'd hear about firmware 3.0, the price cut, the slim, and more.

So far this person has been on point with their rumors.

Karum5127d ago

I'll join you in prayer there mate, I don't think much of the PS3 browser (although it has improved a little over time) but if Sony and Mozilla could get a version of Firefox that looks and works as well as their PC version of the browser then I'll maybe make more use of the web browsing abilities on the PS3.

here's to hoping.

leila015127d ago (Edited 5127d ago )

I'd rather have Chrome, but anything is better than the current browser and Firefox is very good anyway.

I hope Sony keeps adding stuff to the XMB like they've been doing recently it's really great.

solidt125127d ago (Edited 5127d ago )

This is BS. By using Firefox the PS3 would be vulnerable to too many exploits. Sony wouldn't do this. Im a Network Security consultant and although i love using firefox it is not fit for a Console period. It is a memory hog. This is a rumor someone started just because of the Face Book addition and simply is not true.

D4RkNIKON5127d ago

This news better be true because it is receiving nothing but praise. Every one knows the PS3 browser is functional but not perfect, this would change things for the better. Once the PS3 has improved it's web browser and more people start to use it I could see MS trying to partner with someone to do the same. Also what if the web browser could be pulled up in game or over top of any app so it doesn't have to be running solo. NICE!

Noctis Aftermath5127d ago

Firefox on PS3? hell yes.
The current browser is just to slow, if they add firefox i will go buy a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and never again will i have to use this crap laptop!

coolcole935127d ago (Edited 5127d ago )

Why? PC exploits wouldn't work on a PS3 anyway. And isn't FF one of the safest browsers for PC anyway..?

mal_tez925127d ago

Pray in one hand and s#1t in the other and see which fills up first.

But seriously, if there's one thing on the PS3 that needs improvement it's the web browser. It's quite easy to use right now, but it's just soooooo slooooowwwww.

Schobeleth5127d ago

And actually replaced the current browser with Firefox or simply added Firefox, I'd be a very happy boy. Firefox is my browser of choice because it's simply the best.

Jamegohanssj55127d ago

Give me this Sony and we'll be friends for life. All I really want is a decent web browser.


raztad5127d ago


I understand your point, and it's truth to some extent, but in my previuos post I made a very brief comment regarding memory overhead. Firefox is the full fledged browser for a full fledged OS based on the engine called Gecko. There is several very lightweight implementation of Gecko in really small devices, like phones and appliances.

Christopher5127d ago

Mozilla alone would be worth it. Throw in the plug-ins and who really needs anything else to integrate with Twitter, facebook, or any other social network since the browser plug-ins more than take care of this?

Anyway, I'm going to go on with the idea that this is as true as the moon being made out of cheese. No need for hopes to ever get splashed against the rocks at the bottom of the cliff.