Too Human: Mind-Altering Colours? New Screens and lots of Information

Why are hospital recovery rooms usually painted green? Why are weightlifters said to lift more in blue-colored gyms? Why do tempers fly and more babies cry in yellow colored rooms? Whether you're conscious of it or not, color changes how you feel and it is everywhere.

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Xeoset4744d ago

w00t! Tip approved!

So Silicon Knights are getting further in depth again and showing their uniqueness, again. Looks like they're taking alot of their inspiration from the Impressionist Movements in Art and using it in Too Human, using the principles of colour to change moods in a game and while it's a pretty simple thing to do it has a huge effect (I'm an Art Historian to an extent).

If anyone can pull this off it's Silicon Knights, they've come along way with this Title, $100 Million and 10 Years to be exact but...Yeah.

gta_cb4744d ago

i THINK Xeoset choose the title as it was his tip.

Xeoset4743d ago

It was the name given to the title by Silicon Knights themselves, follow the link and see.

power of Green 4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

I just want to take down a Troll and slap around some Dark Elfs. I knew something was cool about the many moods looking at different pics. So what does that say about me avatar Loki" the mythical being of mischief, its looks like dude is turning evil and has done something very bad in the pic i use; not just ruffling feathers. lol

Cartesian3D4744d ago

nice one..

it will be a good game.. but MASS EFFECT will rock more.. :P

I dont know why.. but game characters are sth between UT3 characters and oblivion's knights! ... seems boring :P ... BUT MASS EFFECT rox lol..

gta_cb4744d ago

in the second pic doesnt that robot look kinda like the armour of Master Chief. i see the trend is catching on ;) lol sorry but i had to say it =) cool pics.

_insane_cobra4743d ago

Mass Effect will be an amazing game, but Too Human is my most anticipated 2007 (I hope?) title at this moment. I just have an awful lot of faith in Silicon Knights.

InMyOpinion4744d ago

This is shares #2 on my personal most wanted list. Looks incredible.

Cartesian3D4744d ago

I dont care how good they are.. I need RPG games on my consoles..

But when I think about Mass effe... ok guys.. I know thats enough..

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The story is too old to be commented.