One Tiny Afrika Detail

The most mysterious PS3 game from Sony's pre-E3 press conference was Afrika. The game's trailer showed realistic views of animal life in what most presumed to be a recreation of the African wild. But aside from that, details on the game were not revealed, and Sony spokespeople were notably shy about giving anything away in subsequent interviews.

Today, thanks to Japan's Weekly Famitsu magazine, we have exactly one tiny bit of information about the game. The magazine reveals that Sony Computer Entertainment's Daisaku Ikejiri has a hand in the game's development. Ikejiri previously worked as producer on Hot Shots Golf 3, 4, Portable and Online.

bloop6163d ago

Have no idea what this game could even be about but I gotta say those graphics are very sweet indeed. Lets hope theres gameplay to match.

Nodoze6163d ago

I always wanted to golf on the wild plains of Africa! I cannot wait for this game it looks incredible. I have never seen animals so detailed, and lifelike. Just wait until we get to the what in the hell the game actually is?!??!

TheMART6163d ago

Now this is one of the first games that look really, really nice for PS3. But can anyone tell me if it's ingame, inengine or just CGI again?

ANd it would be nice what kind of genre/game this is. Are you only watching those animals run around or is one able to do something?

specialguest6163d ago

what if this game turned out to be a variation of the Pokemon Snap game where all you do is take pictures of animals and print it out? hehe

it will mostly likely not be like that, but who knows. this game is mysterious.

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