Japan Retail: No PS3 Games, So Check Out Xbox 360

A monitor, on the first floor of the flagship location of Japan software retailer Sofmap, is in the PlayStation 3 section and always shows video of the latest big PS3 title. But, as the sign underneath it says:

"Since no new PlayStation 3 games are coming out this week, we're showing a video of the new downloadable content for Idolmaster! You can buy the hardware, software, and Microsoft Points on the third floor"

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TruthHurts4575d ago

what are you trying to prove w/ this artical. yes the ps3 doens`t have alot of games right now, we all know that. when FF13 comes out this store won`t even have 360s in stock.

Shake4575d ago

They wont even have any in stock because everybody will get one and it will be sold out!

Honeal2g4575d ago

how funny would it be if 1 year from now we found out ff13 was no longer exclusive and the developers pull a move out of capcom's dmc4 playbook...which is all possible especially if ps3 sales don't move ......i want to remember this kids name so i so he knows how much "TheTruth" really hurts..

InMyOpinion4575d ago

I don't think TheMart wrote this article, and it comes from an unbiased site. The article is built upon fact: There are no titles for the Ps3 coming out this week. I don't see you complaining when people post articles from or

TruthHurts4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

give your head a shake.

I know Mart didn`t write the artical, it`s just a stupid one to post(in my opinion).

@Honeal2g (above)
Yes the TruthHurts and that`s why you posted what you posted.

gta_cb4574d ago

look you said something and i was actually thinking did someone come back at you and shake did, end of lol.
yes TheMART posted this story, and i know alot of SonyFanboys/girls that post only negative about the Xbox 360. also we see Sonyfanboys come into Xbox 360 threads and post complete rubbish! and vice versa (Xboxfanboys doing same back). get use to it.

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quiddd4575d ago

have you seen the weekly sales numbers for the 360 in Japan?

OK you're right if they ship only 3000 a week to Japan they'll be sold out.

Something tells me M$ ships more than that.

Xeoset4575d ago

So does Sony, who's PS3 has dropped to 8000 sales a week.

Both MS and Sony can easily take second place with Japan. Sony have FFXIII (though it is most likely to go Multiplat because SE are going to have to save their backsides) and MS are pumping out Japanese Title after Japanese Title so it's all to play for between them

eques judicii4574d ago

actually according to vgcharts... microsoft only shipped 390k through march 07... and guess how many they've sold?

Hanseo4575d ago

why are trying to make it sound like the 360 is better in japan and also why do everyone think all japanese companies are like capcom

Hanseo4575d ago

MS second place in japan what are you smoking

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The story is too old to be commented.