1% of PC Gamers are DX10 Capable

The Valve weekly update reveals that just over 1% of gamers have a DX10 capable video card.

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gta_cb4786d ago

i own an ATI Radeon X800 GTO PowerColour (yeh long name lol)
and you guessed it, not compatable =(
wont be buying a new GPU as i can still play all or pretty much every game which is available at the moment, and in a years time, the GPUs which cost £200-£300 will only cost about £100 as new cards will come out all the time, especially with the need for them to be DX 10 the high end DX9 cards will become very cheap. my opinion best to wait.

TnS4786d ago

Agreed. Best strategy is waiting till Crysis comes. Prices will be much lower then. :)

timmyp534786d ago

just for games like Crysis

gta_cb4786d ago

i have windows Vista and Windows XP Home on seperate HDDs so can i play Crysis on vista without a DX10 card?

ShiftyLookingCow4786d ago

yeah you can play Crysis on dx9 on Vista

Dogswithguns4786d ago

but if I wanna play DX10 games then I'll have to upgrade to Vista, aint cheap just to do that!

gta_cb4786d ago

well there are other ways ;)

Lex Luthor4786d ago

Bittorrent is ur friend ;)

Hypnotic4786d ago

That doesn't really surprise me. It seems most PC gamers are smart enough to wait for prices to drop and hopefully Microsoft will pull its head out and realize no one will buy Vista just because of DX10.

gta_cb4786d ago

yeh but i doubt they will stop trying to push it, if they did then i would question there motives.

"never give up" thats what business' normally say.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4785d ago

My PC cost me almost 3 grand 2 years ago and I think it would explode if I tried to install DX10 or Vista. MS is just going to have to wait for me to upgrade, in about 2 years when I can afford another $3,000 PC. (I'm only about 1/4 there) MS you could send me a new PC for the BT I do LOL (not likley)