New PS3 Exclusive Spy MMO Uncovered: The Agency.

Sony have unveiled their new Spy MMO for the PS3 in the magazine PSM: The Agency. The game will involve espionage and shady dealings on a massive scale. Continue to view the magazine scan....

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Bathyj4157d ago

A lot of possiblities available. I wonder what sort of intergration could they add to Home.

gta_cb4157d ago

guess we will just have to wait and see

SimmoUK4157d ago

I like it alot, instead of your usual goblins etc in MMO's you play the roll of a secret agent, this is sounding very promising could be a sleeper hit...

The developer: "The game design comes from the core appeal of living the life of an elite agent"

Robotz Rule4157d ago

This game might get me to start playing MMO's.

I hope it's Syphon Filterish in gameplay:)

And has tons of guns too!:)

Great find deep,yet again!

Razzy4157d ago

I think it would be awesome if they remade the first one. IMO the best SF.

QuackPot4156d ago

This was a good franchise that could have been alot better.
Bring it back but do it justice.

_insane_cobra4157d ago

Sounds nice, we need more information.

gta_cb4157d ago

does make you wounder doesnt it

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The story is too old to be commented.