Funcom: The Secret World More Anticipated Than AoC

According to the recent Q3 report from Funcom, gamers have higher expectations for its upcoming MMO The Secret World than they did for the company's other MMO, Age of Conan, at the same stage of development.

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Perjoss4950d ago

unlesss they have hired some new talent I'm going to have a hard time getting excited about this one. AoC just felt weak and unfinished.

Fyzzu4950d ago

I can back that up. Never gave a damn about AoC, but Tornquist's presence on Secret World excites me, as does... well. Everything. What we know of the mechanics, the setting, the ideas...

Leord4950d ago

I was quite excited about AoC!

Malfurion4950d ago

So were A LOT of other people. It's just a shame that the launch was, kinda, crap.

Maticus4950d ago

I must admit, it does look to be a cracking game. I'm surprised there's more interest in it that AoC though.

Leord4950d ago

AoC was very anticipated, it just wasn't great when released, so didn't hit properly. But if secret World is more anticipated, only good things can come of it!

Malfurion4950d ago

Secret world isn't really my kind of thing.


I might try this one out - it sounds extremely interesting.

Dorjan4950d ago

AoC was anticipated enough, it just failed.

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