PSP phone stinks of desperation

A journalist opinion about the already included multifunctionalities of the Sony Portable game console and a future somewhat polemic new utility.

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gta_cb4753d ago

that pic doesnt look nice, and if its going to look like that then haha! i will stay with my Sony Ericsson K800i thank you lol

Razzy4753d ago

I hope it comes with an old school rotary dialer. :)

gta_cb4753d ago

haha nice Razzy, i just dont see the point in using it as a phone.
yeh i know its a nice feature, but as it is a gaming machine, it needs the big screen (which it has) so there are loads of tiny mobile, and they come with alot of features, like i doubt the PSP will be able to send messages.... will it?

timmyp534753d ago

Doesnt evryone know the the real psp phone is sonys new ecrission

gta_cb4753d ago

i havnt been following it closely, but i am sure when this is approved someone will be able to tell you.

ReconHope4753d ago

that's the ugliest hook-up i've seen on the psp

Counter_ACT4753d ago

Thats not really it, that picture is a joke...

kspraydad4753d ago

The PSP is great at games and has additional features. One of those is now the ability to make phone and VIDEO calls on it with this BT venture. What is wrong with that? If a certain other handheld came out with this agreement you'd all be sh1tting yourselves. (Yes, I know they 'announced' but they didn't deliver).

gta_cb4753d ago

i dont know what you mean by

"If a certain other handheld came out with this agreement you'd all be sh1tting yourselves"

because i have a PSP, had it for a year and a half now, but i dont think i would use it for the cell phone features.
i like using my PSP for gaming, watching movies (on long trips etc) and for using Hombrew, so yeh i think the PSP is excellent, but i wouldnt use it for cell phone features, i have my Sony Ericsson K800i for that.

PS360WII4753d ago

lets see here, lets see here. Oh yeah N-Gage.... need I say anymore

Why ruin a perfectly good handheld by trying to stuff more features no one wants on it. Unless for some reason you don't have a phone already, or for some reason you want 2 of everything. Also if DS suddenly came out with a video phone I would say the same thing. Quit trying to make your handheld into something it's not. It's a dang gaming machine! If you don't want to make games for it then call it something else and don't try to sell me something I don't want. Give me the games you announced and something revolving around gaming.

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The story is too old to be commented.