Facebook arrives on PS3 today writes:-
Yup Firmware 3.1 drops sometime today.

You have to imagine that Microsoft are thinking WTF at the moment. Each new item they drop to their Dashboard Sony seems to bring out the same pretty soon after.


{Update 1} Story has been updated with a Link to the EU Playstation blog with more details and a look at the changes to the XMB.

{UPDATE2} As of 11pm GMT this still had not updated... not sure why as it was all set for today ... sorry guys.

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WildArmed4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

The good thing is you only have to activate it once lol
Then it'll update your trophies and other stuff by itself. No need to ever waste time on that again.
Back to gaming

Btw.. who was this confirmed by? o_o
nvm, found the real source..

vhero4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

I figured this was coming as I couldn't access the store yesterday some crap about not being available in my region? Works fine now though. Also seems Sony have been planning this feature as long as if not longer than MS they unlike MS don't like to tout their own horns though. As we all know us PS3 gamers are impatient and moan when releases are coming out and unlike MS Sony don't like definetive dates so they keep secrets. Sony's level of Facebook integration is better than MS anyways.

nix4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

and hurrah!

they've improved the browser, i think. that will be a blessing.

i actually thought that i can chat/update status but it's not the case. but it's a good feature if i want to irritate my non-gamer friends/families by constantly updating about my gaming scores.


@below: ha ha.. yup.. only if. there are many sites i want it to work perfectly.

i agree... i don't know why N4G keeps loggin me off once i move to another page while browsing via PS3. Gmail/Youtube "remembers" me even after i switch off my PS3.

and i've got my Cookies "on".

but i love browsing on my HD tv. it's far more fun.

WildArmed4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

Only if Hulu starts working again brother.. only if hulu starts working...


And I agree. Us ps3 owners are very whiny and impatient. But this keeps Sony on their toes to deliver their bests to us 24/7.

hakis864449d ago

Why hate on free extra features that are nice (IMO)?.

The x-game chat is coming, it's not like they're deylaing that beacuse of facebook, they're just giving us facebook in the meantime.

I'm gonna try it out later :)

Jamegohanssj54449d ago

Only if I browse sites faster, added the new flash and java, and actually stay on long enough to troll on N4G.


vhero4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

rumour is hulu is coming like the bbc iplayer to the ps3 soon for NA users. They have added a load of new catch up TV channels for European users with this update too! Also a bit more 3.10 info

WildArmed4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

thanks for the link. +bubbs

Man i am jelous of EU now.. they get all the kewl TV sh1tsu. :(

Apocwhen4449d ago

"Then it'll update your trophies and other stuff by itself. No need to ever waste time on that again."

This isn't entirely true. For things like Store purchases and Game Event information you will receive a nagging message box on screen each time asking if you still want to publish this information. Eric stated this in the video preview he made. It would be nice if they added the option to automatically confirm these things instead of it asking me if I want to publish this info each time. It's probably ok for store purchases but getting them while playing a game could get really annoying.

PirateThom4449d ago

I think the reason the store asks you everytime is because you may not want people to know you've bought certain content if it's, say, a movie or something.

Which can only mean one thing.

Porn confirmed for PS Store.

WildArmed4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

ah right.. But atleast you never have to goto the apps per se.
He said you need to choose (yes or no) only when buying the stuff from PStore.
For trophy updates.. he said everytime you synced your trophies, they'd show the new ones up on FB.
Not sure how Game updates works though. Will find out later on 2nite :)

@1.9 lmfao @ porn confirmed.

It also could be to avoid massive spamming.. you downloaded 20 DLC customes of LBP.. all of em MASSIVELY spamming your facebook account.
Its kinda like that twitter backlash on Uncharted 2

Real Gambler4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

"I don't know why ps3 owners knock this
Why hate on free extra features that are nice (IMO)?. "

Any free feature is always nice. But in this case, you get 3 type of people:
1- Somebody who already has an account and will be so happy to splash his trophies.
2- The very casual Facebook guy, who was already happy with the PS3 browser anyway
3- Guys who don't have an account, and could not care less about creating one.

For 2 and 3, the risk of screwing up the firmware by adding code they don't really want is too dangerous and costly (remember, adding something like this to the firmware means that it has to be tested under every possible configurations). What happen if you get a trophy while your internet connection is down? If you get two trophy at once? If you're getting a mail while getting uploading trophy? Etc, etc, etc. So lots of ressources for something that was available through the browswer already (minus trophy) for only some people. I don't think this new feature will sell more PS3. Cross chat would.

Xbox Avatars Shoe4449d ago


It arrived back in 2006 when the PS3 launched with a built-in web browser.

Redempteur4449d ago

If you get 2 trophies at once , it makes 2 entry in the facebook list

if your internet is down , then you'll get the trophies when you sync ..

Not that hard ....

mastiffchild4449d ago

CAn't get to the PS3 at present(missus playing R&C and she's a TOTLA completist so that'll be a while I guess)so-is the browser actually being improved or is it a nasty rumour? Aannd-can I delete the facebook code as I despise social networking sites that exist solely for that purpose and all it'll do for me is take up space AND mean my daughter will want to use it when anyone's on the PC and she's left her laptop at her mates/not charged her laptop/Thrown her iPhone in a skip etc-which is a LOT of the time generally.

Not a firmware with much great in it for me but cool for those who're impatient or love Facebook I guess(photo sorting is better though)and it's good other countries are getting their TV players on PS3 too but mainly I just want to know if you can ditch the Facebook data and if they REALLY did anything to the slowest bnbrowser in the universe(except for the 360 browser which hasn't EVEN had the decency to turn up yet-the little scamp!).

No FanS Land4449d ago

I understand your point of view, but the way the facebook code is rendered (it's a very complexe website) made it impossible to go, actually I tried once in the beginning of the year and it told me to update my flashplayer version, of course on adobe's website it told me I had an unknown internet browser.

I think they all fixed this with 3.0 (or almost all). It's pretty cool but I'm sure the browser is still laggy.

Sony did deliver some pretty awesome low blow though. Now that's real, mercyless competition.

krisq4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

Did you watch the video? It will post message to facebook only during syncing your trophies to the server. Which means 'never' because it doesn't work at the moment for many people (not me) :D

DaTruth4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

I didn't want this on my PC and I sure as Hell don't want it on my PS3.

@1.1&1.3:And if 360 owners were as whiny as PS3 owners, RROD would have been fixed a long time ago and Live would be free.

Good things come to those who whine!

nix4449d ago

i think the correct phrase is "The squeaky wheel gets the oil". q:

Real Gambler4449d ago

"If you get 2 trophies at once , it makes 2 entry in the facebook list

if your internet is down , then you'll get the trophies when you sync ..

Not that hard .... "

You're obviously not a programmer, and definitively never done any PV (Product Verification). Writing the code is usually easy (though, for firmware, space is extremely limited). But when you check the code after (PV), you have to test every possibilities!!! That's tons of possibilities. I gave a couple of exemples only.

Now, let say you're the tester: how do you test the code and make sure it works in those conditions. How do you generate such an event (two trophies at once, two trophies and an email, two trophies and a loss connection, a lost connection during beginning or middle or end of sync). Yet you have to test all the worst cases. Not just "does it work in ideal condition"

So the guys who write the code take a lot of time, just to make sure it will be as bulletproof as it can. But sometime, the PV is even longer and need more human ressources. Programmers can sometime add code to generate those random events on demand, but for firmware (space limitation), sometime it's harder to do. So overall, what you call "easy" may need thousands hours of programming and testing. And guess what, even then, you may get a firmware that will get out, and you will STILL find a bug that PV didn't catch. (Ex.: One particular game may not work if you have your language set to french, with an animated background).

Last thing Sony want is flaky firmware that would freeze constantly as soon as something trigger out of usual timing. Nothing is easy. So now, does adding integration and trophy to Facebook was worth it? Maybe not for a lot of users!

ico924449d ago

the ps3 has aways had facebook

4448d ago
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THC CELL4449d ago

hmm xbox paying for facebook now

Free on ps3 nice nice nice

i guess all the fools on xbox love giving money to ms and yet they can not deliver a game as good as uncharted 1 and 2

Xbox u think u have it all i would rather watch youtube on my ps3 than sky.. sky is nothing but repeat repeat repeat
why i am with virgin media

enjoy paying for facebook
and for DLC that makes sony exclusive (rockstar) and enjoy the part time exclusive games u have on xbox that are betas anyways

WildArmed4449d ago

Kewl.. coz your opinion means everything to me..
oh wait..
Nobody cares about your opinion! :)

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES4449d ago


TheTruth20094449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

The Sony Fans on this site are going to sing to the heavens...



We'll have the service soon enough and it'll be MILES ahead of what the PS3 is doing with it. They had to rush it just to appear that they're paying attention. Microsoft understands that.

Now here's a promise to you...

XBOX360's version of Facebook will have functionality that Sony and PS3 didn't think of. Then, PS3 will have an update with those features. Watch. It's pretty sad really.

Now PS3 Fans, go and buy some games.

You're yelling about having Facebook the same way that you were yelling about the game lineup for the holidays. Now go and get them.

Uncharted 2 - 1 million copies
Demon Souls - 300,000 copies
Ratchet & Clank - 200,000 copies
Ninja Gaiden Sigma - 300,000 copies
EyePet - 90,000 copies

RUN! NOW! The developers need your help!

lh_swe4449d ago

Does this guy ever stop?

You have been saying the same exact things now for days on end, to no avail.

The only thing you have managed to do is cover half the comment section with your pointless rants.

4449d ago
orange-skittle4448d ago (Edited 4448d ago )

I thought PS3 gamers didnt want this? All of a sudden you think it's a great app. Where's Twitter and Last.FM? I have to admit...Last.FM was the better app of the 3 released yesterday. I actually love that sh*t.

@ Blacksmoke

You do know that MS released Facebook, Twitter, Zune, and yesterday morning at 6am ET. Also, on the Zune channel you can BUY (not rent) new movies(GI JOE, STAR TREK, THE ORPHAN).

@ TheTruth2009

Change your name to TheMisInformed because 360 released this app along with 3 others yesterday morning. You make 360 fans look stupid since you dont know what your console is doing. I actually have both and the dashboard integration is seamless. Once you sign on, you never sign on again.

wikia4448d ago

No microsoft followed sony. The Xmb was created even before the 360 itself in a japanese product called the PSX, back in 2003. The Dashboard and the 360 itself did not come to existance yet.

So who followed the leader?

Btw it won a emmy :p
“Outstanding Innovation and Achievement in Advanced Media Technology for the Best Use of Personal Media Display and Presentation Technology“

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THC CELL4449d ago

i love ps3
xbox has to pay to use facebook

ape0074449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

you kid\lie to yourself like that

I mean WTF,Im not paying for FB and TW,Im paying for a completely unified and entertaining online experience,xbl is So connected together,xbl is amazing,If you combine party system,cross game invites and the DEEP PLAYER STATUS system in xbl,you'll go through adventures

trust me I have both consoles,psn is good but it's no xbox live,you cant twit this,3.33$ a month only,it costs nothing,yes I'll pay it for these features,as a multiconsole gamer,I see myself getting mw on 360,more fun in 360 with xbl

xbl is well constructed and more enjoyable than psn,xbl is the main thing in xbox 360

xbox live is better,get it

btw,Im intrested in 3.10,gotta see the new gamercard layout color,these gray feels so boring along with the QUITE in-game xmb,it feels SO lifeless

mastiffchild4449d ago

That's just your opinion Ape and as such I fully respect it even if I can't agree with it. Because MS wouldn't accept the same card tha both sony and Ninty do(and Steam for that matter)I have to buy yearly cards for Live these days and it works out a LOT more than wnahat you pay fella and since I started paying for it this gen I could nearly have payed for another PS3 with what I gave MS for it!

I find the old look of the 360 dash much better, don't EVER want to see an avatar let alone be forced to make a gimpy effort of my own and then be forced to see that everytime I even switch on my 360! Why no choice on that MS, why? I'm a grown man with kids and I don't want another we likkle fella to dress up-it makes me feel I'm being treated like a little girl with a dolly. The fact EVERYONE on Live has a heady is also not just a good thing as it makes everyone think that they have something interesting to say. Everyone thinks they're Bill Gicks-and they aren't. At all. So stop. Then you get all the tools swearing and being idiots/racists/homophoves-pn PSN it's usually those interested in gaming as a team that have a headset so that ine equals itself out for me. Cross game chat, though, is the big turn off for me-I despise it. I don't see the need for it at all-invites yes but not the intrusive chatting that allows cheating of many kinds and wrecks team basaed games like TF2 as even if it's not you being spoken to and distracted it's often a few people on your team/the other team and it made me HAVE to buy the useless Orange Box port for PS3-even though TF2 actually works guite well imo.

Anyway, Ape I know you're a good guy and all but I don't like Live as much as PSN, I only ever played Halo on it this year as Gears2 still isn't good enough to waste time on online(esp if you get someone in the US or far away to host)and even though I have mates on Live I just can't justify losing a game every year when I use PSN twenty times more anyway. Just because I think PSN is better for me doesn't mean I think it is for everyone. I get you even like the way the NXe looks but I much prefer the classy and understated XMB which I find more natural to use as well. Like I said though I much preferred the old "blades" on Live. And I despise my Avatar/your avatar/Avatars on 360 full stop and cannot believe they think it's right to make a gruff, hairy and ill mannered fella who looks like a moody Viking to play with his dressy up wee man when he just wants to game. GRR MS what happened to choice? THis forved avatar interaction is unamerican. Un american I tells ya! I kknow I'm not american but you know what I mean-basically I don't like the avatars very much.

Seriously though I can understand people liking either but, to me, PSN is better and Live should be free as well when there's very little difference between the two in any case. Then again it's a scandal they ever made us pay and I feel a little stupid for paying as long as I have done now.

ape0074449d ago

Now that's a convincing reply

that's Respect man,you deserve all the bubbles

bubble up sir

DaTruth4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

Notice how Ape is a 360 owner and has lots of bubbles! And THC Cell just said a fanboy comment and he has four bublles!

It doesn't matter what your system of choice is, as long as you're not making fanboy attacks everyday, you will have bubbles!

If you have few bubbles, you are a fanboy! plain and simple!

And bubbles to Ape and Mastiff for respecting each others opinions!

poopface14449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

most people couldnt care less about facebook. Mastiff you are truly misinformed abuot LIVE. You must be listening to the rumors on here about it being full of racists which its not. I played MW 2 for the last week on LIVE and most people didnt even use the mics unless they were with a friend. I didnt hear 1 racist remark all week. On PSN almost NOONE has a mic. And I noticed the few who do usually just leave them on and ambient noise comes through which is very annoying.

YOu seem to have the same wrong opinions about live as a misinformed sony fanboy.

You can NOT be an xbox fanboy and have alot of bubbles. If you are a ps3 fanboy you WIlL have lots of bubbles(like you da truth- a HUGE sony fanboy).

I notice he has an xbox but he also is misinformed about live. Of course you will give him bubbles if he lies about the "racist/little kids" on live and acts like ps3 gamers are "sooo mature". PS3 fanboys ALWays exaggerate this and say PSN is soo much more mature hahahahaha. What a joke, almost NOone on psn has a mic. NOt only are there less racists/little kids on PSN, theres less nice people, less adults, less girls, and straight up less people on PSN. And these less people have even less mics. So you are not only more likely to get your feelings hurt on LIVE your more likely to actually be able to talk to someone on LIVE too.

Evocation4449d ago

I very much agree with you both. I prefer a free PSN because I only hop onto online rarely, and feel that because of this my silver xbox I've missed out on potions of games like gears on-line, which is said to be very good, I own the multiplayer but can't use it. This is the main thing I dislike about the xbox, and I feel that without the online, the social feature alone wouldn't be enough to convince people to spend money for gold.
I think Sony do need to think about integrate more though, Home is basically like a septate OS, then a feature of the current one.

SnuggleBandit4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )


ok, so you are a multiconsole would you feel about paying $150 a year to play online? cause by supporting xbox live that is what you are supporting...M$ is showing the gaming industry that people are willing to pay to play online.

There are VERY few differences between live and PSN, some things better on PSN and some better on Xbox live. Live might have the slight edge but definitely not enough to justify 50 bucks a year. And i don't want to see an industry where i have to pay to play the FULL game, as the developers intended.

gamingisnotacrime4449d ago

All in all, paying for Live (online gaming) is what drove me to sell my 360. PSN is Free, the experience is great on both but being a silver member on Live has its kick on the teeth moments: Cant access demos early, why? i bought a 360, i supported MS by buying the console and games, why the demos are time restricted for silver member??? Paying for a game and not being able to play online because after paying for the internet service and the game i have to pay MS for P2P servers????
I see how gamers with many friends on Live can be ok with the annual fee, but in my case im a lone wolf on online gaming, and paying for it is nonsense, specially when the PSN offers 32 players MP maps in more than one game, and for free. To each his own, no one is forcing gamers to pay for Live, if anyone does it they are well aware that the 360 is the only console with an online fee, i refuse to contribute to this behavior from the industry towards gamers

clonerz4448d ago (Edited 4448d ago )

Hey let me add something else to pro/con say for instance you purchase alot of dlc for you console of choice you sell console because time are tuff and right now bet there are a few of you out there well if it was the xbox360 you bought all that dlc on when you get back on your feet and repurchase system guess what the only way to access that dlc is to be connected to live otherwise that stuff is not available.At least what sony did with the way you can access your dlc is alot i should say 10x better as opposed to the other console's out there not only can you attach dlc up to 5 consoles but you can remove consoles and you dont need internet access to play or use that dlc you paid for that to me is a great feature of psn not brought up enough in regards to features.

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cellfluid4449d ago

2 day.. ha these guys r sooooooo late ps3 been had facebook n myspace n netflix n hulu, n everything else that's on da web....... we had a web browser sense launch day... remember it only does everything..... R U BLU..lolol

WildArmed4449d ago

bbut buut.. HD DVD FOR LIFE! lol

TheBlackSmoke4449d ago

Soooo... who had Facebook first bots?

WildArmed4449d ago

The reason question is:
Was facebook made on a MAC or PC? o_O lol

Stryfeno24449d ago

Who copied facebook on console droid?

PopEmUp4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

m$ didn't you know that ps3 had it at the beginning lol well since you pay for it, it's probably better oh wait it the same sh1t :P

TheTeam064449d ago

Find me the source where you found out that Microsoft was developing the Facebook app first. Considering they were both so close releasing, I say it's hard to tell.

But, of course, with your "out of thin air" knowledge, you somehow came to the conclusion that MS must've done it first because it released first.

TheBlackSmoke4449d ago

Again you retarded bot, Facebook is out on PS3 FIRST!! I dont even care about facebook but love rubbing it in your face. All these bots saying PS3 is copying MS with facebook even when PS3 has its facebook app first and a PS3 browser to access PS3 SINCE LAUNCH is hilarious.

Stryfeno24448d ago

LMAO you can surf the net on the 360 via PC...Who had what first?

Xlll4448d ago

"LMAO you can surf the net on the 360 via PC...Who had what first?"
wtf is the point of that? really you should just use the damn pc if its like that. How are you proud of that? o.O?

TheTeam064448d ago

And, of course, he never found the source...

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