PS3 Has Cross Game Invite System

"I have just discovered that Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has cross game invite. I was playing resistance 2 when sand-man sent me a invite from CODMW2. Out of curiousity I tried joining from the messaging service"

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villevalorox4396d ago

The only reason i approved this is because many people may not have known it had Xgame invite. But it's had XMB invite for some time now. Otherwise it's Lame lol.

WildArmed4396d ago

yes.. but it is extremely old news...
Play RE5? Played Lost Planet 2 Demo? All of them had the same system.
RE5 is the PERFECT example of how old this news is. There are probably more games, but thats the one i remember distinctly..
oh wipeout HD too! (patched in)

But unlike 360's invite system, this system is to be developed by the devs from what i understand. It's not 'ready made' for the devs to implement.

I may be wrong.. i dont make games.. i dont work for sony..

saint_john_paul_ii4396d ago

"RE5 is the PERFECT example of how old this news is. There are probably more games, but thats the one i remember distinctly.."

wait, so RE5 has this system as well? im pretty sure it doesnt.

WildArmed4396d ago (Edited 4396d ago )

It does. You invite your friend via XMB.. (Triangle -> invite on friend)
friend accepts via XMB.. Triangle -> Accept Friend invite.

I was very happy to see Re5 working so well.. which is why i remember it so distinctly.
This is just the demo showing it working. Couldnt find a better vid, sorry

It's not as perfect as Cod6's.. but you can tell its been there ya know?

snake-OO4396d ago

yea u can send the invite from the xmb and accept the invite from the xmb, but you had to be in RE5 to do that, you could not accept the invite if you wre out of the game, or if you were in another. if u were in another game or on the xmb and playing no game, and u got a invite from RE5, and then went to your messages you would not see the join button until u went into RE5 Game screen. RE5 did not have cross game invite, u could say it was an early prototype.
Now i dont know about lost planet or wipeout hd, if they had cross game invite. if anyone who has these games, i would appreciate it if u guys could test this out to see if it works like Call of duty modern warfare 2 or like resi 5. if its like resi 5 then they dont count along with resi 5 to have cross game invite.

saint_john_paul_ii4396d ago (Edited 4396d ago )

thats what Im saying. I know RE5 does invites, but its not like how MW2 does it on the PS3.

what MW2 does is what everyone wants on PS3, AKA Cross-Game Invites. we all now know this is possible. all Sony needs to do is to require it now.

Im Pretty sure that this system has been added since firmware 3.0 which is a surprise, dont know why Sony didnt talk about it. maybe they dont want kids to get desperate for this feature to be streamlined.

I guess this is why Infinity Ward didn't do a good job incorporating this feature until they patched it and fixed it (which works silky smooth now), because it was a late addition to the PS3 version of the game.

Aparently DiRT 2 does this as well. can anyone confirm this?

WildArmed4396d ago (Edited 4396d ago )

Well here's cross game invite just like Mw2
Dirt 2 had X-cross invite system

All i was saying that it has been there in earlier forms.. Send invite from game X to someone playing Game Y. All they need to do is pop in the game and accept the invite.
This is just the most advanced stage of cross game invite system.

snake-OO4396d ago

ok so why doesnt it get featured in every game, and also why does hardly any1 know about this feature, and the best em all why did'nt we hear about this from sony, cuz it was like one of the mosted asked for feature. that is the whole purpose of this article, so every1 knows and bangs on sonys doors to make this mandatory for developers. wouldnt u guys want htis feature in every ps3 game. if the feature is available then why should we have join games in a sgit way

WildArmed4396d ago (Edited 4396d ago )

I agree. Good news is.. the feature is getting around. (I already apporved the article awhile ago)
Hopefully next year (e3? TGS?) Sony will announce that its going ot be implemented into every game soon after.
I was surprised to see that U2 didnt have it.

Andd.. I'm pretty much out of bubbles..

.. lol i remember I used to watch all the home beta walkthroughs from DLB network ^^ Back when home was in closed beta stage.. fun times..

Saigon4396d ago

Sony is still perfecting the system...thats why it fails during some games...I am sure devs have had a mandatory implementation this function into the current games like they did with where just waiting for Sonys front office to give it a go...

thorstein4396d ago

You can also join friends' games without invites via XMB.

death83x4395d ago

I never know about it be4 today, thx guys

BattleAxe4395d ago

Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2 both had cross game invites.

dgroundwater4395d ago

I'm gonna go with "lame" on this news. Every time I start to convince myself PSN is getting close to LIVE, some lame update like this just reminds me how backwards it is.

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saint_john_paul_ii4396d ago

yup its already there. all sony needs to do now is to require it on games that feature a multiplayer mode. but knowing sony, they will not grow a pair of testicles to force devs to do it.

if anyone disagrees, please take a look at home...

WildArmed4396d ago

Well they will eventually.
Like they force all devs to do trophies now.. remember back when this used to be a rare thing?

Altourus4395d ago

As far as I can recall this came with the launch game Motorstorm, I don't know how anyone thinks this is news. Also was used in countless games since, including soul calibur 4 on top of the others mentioned. If anyone is touting this as a new feature of 3.0 it is sheerly based on ignorance.

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The Meerkat4396d ago (Edited 4396d ago )

If MS made the software and the controller, and Sony made the hardware, it would result in a console thats better than either the 360 or the PS3.

It could be called the PMS4.

Edit:LOL at controller wars.
My money would be on the Xbox1 or the Atari Jaguar to win that fight.
They were both heavyweights.

WildArmed4396d ago

ya mean OS when you say software right?

I agree.
but I rather like my Sony controller very much.
It feels familiar and I like that. I personally love using the PS controller over 360 controller.
As long as they have 'options' for controllers.. yup awesome.

Then we'd have controller wars instead of console wars lol

LeonSKennedy4Life4396d ago

System - Sony

OS - Sony/Adobe/Mozilla

Controller - Logitech

Any questions?

QuackPot4395d ago

Hardware - Apple

OS - Apple Os X

Controller - M$

...and I'm a Sony fanboy.

frostypants4395d ago (Edited 4395d ago )

Hate to say it, but aside from the party-system screen on Live, the PS3 software, both local system and online, is much better than the 360s. Live feels clunky compared to PSN. The way MS tried to merge the offline and online interface was needless and just makes the whole thing feel messy and unrefined. On top of this, Live has no answer to Home (not that I think Home is anywhere near its potential, but it's better than the 360's lack of anything).

I don't know where the myth that the 360 has better software comes from...again, aside from a couple of little capabilities, the overall experience is inferior to the PS3's.

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GOS_SAND-MAN4396d ago

Video of This in action:
Good Job Snake, you were quick to get this on N4G.. now im gettin bashed for a duplicate article. :p

LiquifiedArt4396d ago

That black screen doesn't always happen.

I've had it happen a handful of times, but its not consistent.

GOS_SAND-MAN4395d ago

Ive never had it work.. but i've only tried a hand full of times