Guitar Hero III Les Paul Controller Impressions

Guitar Hero II's landing on Xbox 360 came with great fanfare, but it wasn't an entirely smooth ride. Microsoft wasn't too keen on sharing their proprietary wireless technology with RedOctane and the game ended up shipping with a wired axe. Everybody in their right mind knows that you can rock harder without a wire holding you down. Public outcry and internal dealings eventually did the trick and RedOctane has become the first 3rd Party to be given permission to make a wireless controller for Xbox 360. IGN recently made the trip to go see and toy around with the first prototype. It isn't functional yet, but we can already see that it's a step above the current Xbox 360 controller.

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bung tickler4743d ago

so like 4 days ago that news post that was "ps3" only about 2 guitar hero videos of 2 diff songs was really the 360, they used one of the same pictures and in this you can clearly see the 360 behind that guy. why does everyone (devs) show off the 360 version of the game to the magazines? gta4, cod4, gh3, assasins creed... hmm i wonder.

Xeoset4743d ago

Looks great! Looks really well built aswell.

I may just buy Guitar Hero III now and then GHII after. I've played GHII on the PS2 and it was real fun.

Ru4743d ago

This model isnt set in stone