Ok, another PlayStation 3 Upscaling Comparison

IGN put a number of PSone and PS2 games to the test and see how well the system's resolution scaling abilities work...

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Stormflood4573d ago

Now IGN are comparing PS3 upscaled images to non-upscaled images that have been upscaled in Photoshop to match the size!


Razzy4573d ago

From the article:

"Our comparison shots have all been cropped in some way, but they've not been resized at all, which means you'll get a pixel-accurate look at the quality of the images.

"Note that these pieces are small parts of an overall image, but they've only been cropped and have not been scaled in Photoshop."

Anyways, basically what they're saying is you don't need to turn on upscaling/smoothing with progressive scan games. I find the 480P games look better on my set and games without progressive look a little better upscaled, but not much. You trade sharpness for blurryness IMO.

DVD's look great though, especially the newer ones. My old Sony DVD upscaler didn't work nearly as well as my PS3.

Xbot_Killer4573d ago

believe IGN after they made fools of themselves with the last comparison.

being a design engineer myself I would love to see this "equipment that costs more than some BMW's" that they supposedly used to test.

I smell HUGE BS from another fanboy site

FeralPhoenix4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

IGN has one of the best reputations in the industry, which is why they get alot of interviews and previews from the majority of dev's and company exec's first along with games. - They explained in detail how they did the comparisons and although its by no means some kind of super laboratory research, IGN IS pretty reliable at their word.

According to Sonyfanboys every site that doesn't kiss Sony's @ss is anti-Sony or a fanboy site. So which gaming site isn't? -Let me guess, SPG?....Well don't worry, we'll see a contradictory "news" article from "Sony Protection (Support) Group soon enough on N4G.

gta_cb4572d ago

although comparing screens is good, i always like to compare them myself on my own tv as thats what i will playing them on in the end =D

and things mite look slightly different on different peoples tvs as there set differently etc.

Lord Anubis4572d ago

one of the best reputations? like the time they claimed that the x360 was running at 9Ghz because it has 3 3.2Ghz cores.......

there must be something wrong with the BMW, err I mean their piece of equipment. Also, they fail to explain what kind of cables they use and if they are using xxYc/rgb

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timmyp534573d ago

not a jaggie in sight... everything is more crisper and cleaner.... nice job sony!

gta_cb4572d ago

yeh, but i heard and saw in screens that with blurry bits of the game its made even blurrier. so doesnt this ever make it harder to play the games? especially if it was dark etc?

Armyless4572d ago

How do you have "blurry bits of the game" with 2 inch pixels? You have to understand that when you're dealing with golf-ball sized pixels that you're blurring the set raw data... so instead of clean, crisp lego-like characters you have blurred, edgy recreactions. Think of those cool pixelated optical illusions that look like a bunch of jumpled colored blocks (pixels) until you back away far enough that an image starts to appear.

DrWan4572d ago

really down to personal preference guys.

do you prefer crisp texture and shimmering vs smooth blur?

i do a little bit of both..and i only do smooth blur now because these games i already beat on original setting..just wanna experiement.

ITR4572d ago

No blurry text please.
I'm already near sighted enough as it is.

Sony must be getting kickbacks from my eye doctor.

This would kill my eyes reading blurry text in some word heavy RPG's.

EZCheez4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

And I hope most people don't expect some miracle from this. The games look better, but not fantastic, because they are PS2 games. I do appreciate that we got this option, but this isn't exactly the "end all be all" of updates.

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