Black Box reveals incredible new details about its revolutionary skating game.

Skating games have never had a "sim" version that's grounded firmly in reality. From Skate or Die to 720° to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, skating games have pushed the limits of credulity, always favoring an arcade experience. EA's upcoming skate is going to change that by offering skating in as real a form as has ever been seen in videogames. But just because skate is grounded in reality doesn't mean developer Black Box doesn't get to have a little fun when creating its skater dream city San Vanelona. This is after all, still a game.

In talking with Executive Producer Scott Blackwood and his dedicated team of skate fanatics, IGN learned that the dual-analog control scheme wasn't the endgame for innovation. The skate team hopes to create an immersive experience where gamers truly feel like a pro skater in a living, breathing world. If nothing else, skate offers an alternative to the reigning king of extreme sports games. Been there, done that? Not with skate you haven't.

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KoolMan4744d ago

Does people raelly keep playing skateboarding games? I played my first skate game back on PS1 but whats so new about this? new skaters?
just wondering...since i dont keep track of this game...

gta_cb4744d ago

well i had Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4 on PS2, and like your saying i didnt see anything new enough to actually buy anymore.

but i have brought Tony Hawks Project 8 on Xbox 360, and yeh it is alot of fun, new moves, new options like the slow motion, nail the trick (which is very fun) getting off your board (even though its not actually new i didnt get the one where it was first introduced).

so yeh i do buy skatboarding games, although i dont buy everyone which is released, i just buy one in a while.

not impressed14743d ago

i used to back in the day,i quit buying them for awhile. and im a skateboarder/gamer.i will buy this game the day its released thoguh