Live-360's Top 5 Xbox 360 Accessories and the Best Places to Buy Them

Check out Live-360s Top 5 Xbox 360 Accessories list and the cheapest places to get them at

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gta_cb4579d ago

good list, glad to see the controller at number 1
also has anyone brought the wireless headset? as i am interested in buying one soon, especially as i sometimes pull the wire on my mic and i am worried about it breaking.

sak5004579d ago

NOt yet, but heard there were some issues with the wireless headset.

Zinswin4579d ago

The caveat: you MUST follow the directions word for word to set it up. If you don't, you'll have lots of disconnects and it's a pain in the butt.

It's very nice. I like mine a lot.

wolfgang4579d ago

The wireless headset is worth it. The quality of the sound is sound is excelent but like Zinswin said you have to read the short instructions to make sure it work perfectly.

id dot entity4579d ago

The Wireless Network Adapter is in this list? But it's SO overpriced?! Gotta be a great thing then.

smack23j4579d ago

Yea it is overpriced but honestly it works great. I can host games w/o lag and download at the same speeds as if i was plugged in to the router. I think its worth it if you cant run wires to ur xbox

Expy4579d ago

The wireless network adapter is the most overpriced piece of hardware for the console....

AcidRhain4579d ago

36 bucks for a wireless controller?!

frostbite064579d ago (Edited 4579d ago )

You can get it for 38.99 with no tax and free shipping from

Edit: They also have the wireless headset and wireless adapter for less than what is listed here, both with free shipping

live3604579d ago

How is the network adapter over priced? Adapters comparable to it cost the same.

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