Ubisoft Announces Uplay Rewards Program for PS3 and Xbox 360

Coming this Winter. Compatible titles are Assassin's Creed II and Splinter Cell:Conviction with more coming soon.

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WildArmed4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

Nice. Loving the idea. So it doesnt matter if i play Ac2 on pc/ps3/360, I can still redeem the points on splinter cell conviction! :)

Mr Logic4226d ago

I agree. I think it's pretty unique, but I'm also interested to see how it looks on PS3.

WildArmed4226d ago

From what i gather, It'll be implemented in the uplay enabled games. So you'd have to insert a uplay enabled game to redeem reward. (which will supposedly take you to the PStore where you will be processed through?)

hades074226d ago

You do all of the Uplay transactions through the game. I purchased an AC2 theme with my points, you can even get an extra downloadable map just by getting achievement points in the game. More games should def do this from now on.

Typical-Guy4226d ago

YAY , I thought this is PC, X360 only. Can't wait.
This is better than trophies and achievements.

Chubear4226d ago

When the Hiphopgamershow came out and showed the gaming community this feature and said the very thing you just stated, there was crazy negativity towards it but it's ok now?

.. I don't get it.

I'm not really talking about YOU personally OP but just the tone of the comments on this thread is very different from the tone on the thread from the hiphopgamershow vlog and they actually SHOWED us the feature and how it works. I just find that odd. O.o

baum4226d ago

Because Hip Hop gamer has no credibility at all. Getting one thing right suddenly absolves him? Sorry chubear, I usually agree with you but this time, I just want to say: Cry moar :P sorry.

Xi4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

I wonder if MS will start implementing 'waypoint' like features on the 360 for developers like Ubisoft, and if sony's Home will take advantage of this uplay thing.

IMO a lot of this is due to fable 2 and the outside game features they developed, the xbla pub games, the web games, etc, really set a bar for gaming outside a console platform and even developers like bioware followed suit with dragon age.

alphakennybody4226d ago

wasn't hhg talking about this last week?

WildArmed4226d ago

yeah. It was the sunday's video cast if i remember correctly.
I do wish that HHG would write articles.
I really cant be bothered to watch a 30min vid-cast to listen to about 4mins of news.
It'd be good if he would go written and video-cast. But oh wells

Lionsguard4226d ago

I always thought achievement points and trophies always did this where you get points to redeem for extra goodies. I was pretty disappointed when I found out it was nothing but bragging rights. Finally Ubisoft has taken the initiative.

Xi4226d ago

At least if you have halo waypoint.

I'm sure both Sony and MS are working to introduce those features to developers so they can take advantage of it.

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