IFPI: Ten "inconvenient truths" about file-swapping

The international music trade group has just released a list of 10 "inconvenient truths" about sharing copyrighted music. Would you believe that it can fund terrorism?

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Garrison4569d ago

I bought almost every bit of music I have and love having the CDS and everything. I love music and always have since I was very young. Every kind of genre. And I agree with most of the "truths" in this list but meanwhile it might be true that most people who pirate music are not poor, I don't believe the music industry "gets" why people would rather download their stuff.
And it's the fact that if you walk into a store and see a movie with took possibly tens of MILLIONS to make at $19.99 and someone's cheap studio sounds for $19.99 too. Music CDs, even after a decade are still overpriced. They should cost no more than 12.99.

neogeo4569d ago

I "file swap" Movies after I goto see them. SoI have already paid my dues. I blow like $60 bucks at the Movies, Tom cruze takes home $26 million. So I don't want to hear SH!&^