Football genre will continue to expand, says Electronic Arts

FIFA 08 producer Joe Booth has told that he relishes the challenge of facing off against Pro Evolution Soccer in a market which is able to support more football titles than ever.

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teljam4574d ago

Enough with the marketing talk.

Easy solution is for fifa to actually implement good gameplay. They have great graphics, great atmosphere, great music, but have always stuffed up on the gameplay. How hard can it be - they could copy pes style gameplay and instantly have a classic on their hands. One thing pes has always lacked is visual style which fifa has in bucketloads

Dr Pepper4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

This title may confuse a lot of Americans, such as myself. I'm not sure why they named American football: football. Two different sports with the same name is strange.

Lord Anubis4574d ago

soccer/football/futbol is an old sport, also, it's also the king sport.You would have to ask the NFL why they decided to take the name when American Football has little to do with playing with one's feet.

Dr Pepper4574d ago

I know it's the king sport...I play both indoor and outdoor soccer (or whatever you want to call it) year round. Our coaches call it football most of the time, if not all of the time. They really don't like American football (and yes, they are American).

cuco334573d ago

blame that on americans

american football was once called rugby from what i heard but i guess trying to be bigger than the biggest sport in the world, and jealousy, came the 'lets steal the name'

funkfes20004574d ago

most of EA sports games are lacking from football to basketball to even soccer (futbol). They all seem to be playing catchup. From 2k football still better than madden 07, from 2k7 basketball better than live and even Pro evolution soccer still better than fifa..

so when ea refers to evolution i doubt they are referring to themselves