Team Ninja to Xbox 360 fans: no Sigma in your future

It looks like any hopes Xbox 360 owners may have regarding seeing Ninja Gaiden Sigma ported over from the PlayStation 3 have but all been dashed. Talking with Japan's Famitsu Xbox 360, Tomonobu Itagaki had this to say about the whole deal:

"We're getting requests to port Sigma to the Xbox 360, but we currently have no such plans. But no worries, 360 owners! Team Ninja is still supporting your platform.We're taking new challenges on the Nintendo DS, and the same is true for the Xbox 360. In order to respond to our fans' expectations, we're always making sequels and new games."

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snoop_dizzle4279d ago (Edited 4279d ago )

its a remake.

A good one nonetheless

I just don't know if i want to play it again.

But thats just me.

Tommie4279d ago

We'll get a complete new version instead :P

MADGameR4278d ago


nice_cuppa4279d ago

was anyone expecting sigma on 360 ?

KoolMan4279d ago

i would not get this remake when the original is on xbox,,, im still getting it for the ps3, is my first ninja gaiden :) i hope i enjoy it as much as the demo...

techie4279d ago

DOes everyone who buys a 360 have an Xbox? I thought the market was meant to be expanding.

sticky doja4279d ago

I was a PS2 man until I wanted to get a next gen console, and the only one available at the time was 360. I look forward to buying or renting black, as I have noticed its on the backwards compatible list.

WafflesID4279d ago

I went from PS2 to 360. Granted I broke my PS2 right before SOCOM came out (yeah...the first one) and never replaced it with anything after that. I was mainly a PC gamer. But I did miss out on quite a few classics for the ps2...

InMyOpinion4278d ago

I think there are more people who went Ps2 > 360 than Ps2 > Ps3. If it sounds silly, take a look at sales figures. The probability of Ps2 > 360 is bigger.

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The story is too old to be commented.