Japan Mag Sizes Up the PS3 vs. Wii

In the latest issue of its Otona Fami (the casual version of the Weekly Famitsu), Enterbrain has made a study on the approaching launch of the Wii and the PS3, with Nintendo's machine winning over gamers, retailers and developers.

Gamers (216 participants):

While many find the PS3 way too expensive, they are very much interested in the popular licenses which should come on the system. However, they appear to be more interested in the innovative gaming the Wii is set to bring. Gamers polled prefer to wait for a significant PS3 price-drop, and in the waiting, they want to buy the Wii. Many gamers were also interested in playing old games (retro-gaming) via the Wii Virtual Console.

Here's what gamers said are the consoles they're most interested in buying:

73.6%: Wii
16.7%: PS3
9.7%: neither

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Sphinx6166d ago

except I have the 360, and will probably get the Wii... and maybe the PS3 when the PS4 comes out.

Nodoze6166d ago

If the Wii takes Japan it will spell serious trouble for Sony. When the Japanese abandon their own it is not a good sign.

FreeMonk6166d ago

But Nintendo is there own. Although Sony has had the major market in Japan for a long while now, the Japanese have never turned there back on Nintendo.

Just look at the sales on the DS. Both the DS lite and original DS are both outselling the PSP by miles.

The Wii could be the thorn in Sonys Big Arrogant Foot.

Dragonopolis6166d ago

Its almost implying that the xbox 360 isn't a factor. Personally if the Wii does well it will hurt Xbox 360 more than PS3.

People will already have a game machine and will only justify the additional expense of a second console if their next console offers other features that isn't satified by the Wii. Well the Wii is sold as a game machine so why by another game machine that doesn't offer any new features but only improves certain features. At least with the PS3 it can match the Xbox 360 feature for feature but offer one new feature that will be important eventually and thats HD Movie watching.

That was the sole reason I bought my xbox before. I already had a PS2 (I never like the quality of DVD Plaback and my stand alone DVD player was better and sharper) and a Gamecube I didn't need another game machine. However, my stand alone DVD player died and I had a friend bring his Xbox over so I could watch a movie and was impressed by the quality of dvd playback.

So why go out and by me a $100 to $150 dvd player when I could purchase another Console that Played DVDs extremely well and opportunity to add to my game collection. Thus I come to find my most favorite game DOA series and enjoy Halo and Soul Calibur xbox version as well. I really didn't find any other games I needed to purchase that wasn't fulfilled by my other Game Systems. Thus, I probably would not have bought an Xbox just for one or two games I really like. However Microsoft didn't get my business because it was a game machine it got my business because it created a console that plays DVDs better than most DVD players in the same price range.

This will probably be the case with PS3 if Wii is super successful. Sony has done an excellent job at matching the PS3 feature wise with Xbox 360 and the only major difference really is the Added next-gen move format.

Microsofts biggest competitor isn't PS3 it is the Wii. If Microsoft is to survive this War it needs PS3 vs Xbox 360 not Wii vs Xbox 360. I strongly believe that this time around whoever loses the first spot won't slip down to second will fall all the way to third and Nintendo is looking like it may just take first and PS3 or Xbox 360 is going to fall hard with my guess being Xbox 360.

omansteveo6166d ago

They never said it wouldnt hurt M$, its just Sony is the dominate brand there, the reason they imply Sony more than M$ is bc their wouldnt be the potential "fall from grace" so to speak for M$ as it would be for Sony if the wii did become wildly successful

shotty6166d ago (Edited 6166d ago )

I think sony is going to fall way harder than microsoft. The xbox 360 and ps3 are really the same device and the x360 is $200 cheaper. Microsoft will always have the pricing advantage this generation compared to the ps3. Like last generation the ps2 was always cheaper than that xbox1 (which is why the ps2 sold alot of units). If the ps3 flops sony is going to jump quickly to next generation to build a cheaper product.

Marty83706165d ago

Thats the reason Xbox got axed in under five years(M$ jumped to nex gen a year early)cos they could'nt compete.I see M$ doin exactly the same once PS3 & Wii take over.X360 will flop.

TheMART6165d ago

It's impossible to flop with already over 5 million sold, games like Gears of War, Forza 2, Halo 3, Fable 2, Viva Piniata, Lost World, Mass Effect, Too Human and more coming up.

And don't forget: Bill and MS have loads of money. If they want something, they get it. If it is world dominance with operating systems, browsers, media players, instant messengers or other business. They get it, you can bet on that.

On the contrary, Sony doesn't have the money to get in that hard. THey're loosing almost 600 million dollars every 3 months and just took a multimillion dollar loan, the first in 10 years.

Back on this news:

Japan will go for Wii. 360 will catch up a bit because many Japanese titles are about to come out which the Japanese like, they had a lack of these the last months. Sony will be hit hard. 90% of Japanese readers of the most read magazine overthere say the PS is too expensive to buy.

There you go...

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