VidZone Expanding to 11 New Countries.

EU PlayStation Blog writes - I am so excited I have almost lost bodily functions!!

You have all been screaming for these dates and we finally have everything finalized, it's felt like a lifetime but the day is finally here… You have no interest in anything I have to say apart from these dates so I'll shut up and get on with it ;)

The dates that the new VidZone Countries will be live are……….(Long X-Factor style pause)……

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WildArmed4236d ago

lol I dont know if its a system seller (really doubt it)

but I'd love it to come to US :)

I might actually proxy my ps3 to europe for Vidzone soon. Shouldnt take too much effort

whothedog4236d ago

I Don't think it's a system seller either but its a nice feature to add to the features already available. I don't think you can use Vidzone unless you have a PS3 from Europe because I tried to create a Europe account a download Vidzone and everything went fine till I tried to start Vidzone and than I got an error.

Sizzon4236d ago

For Sweden! :D I love you Sony.

hakis864217d ago

in Norway :):) Another free awesome thing from sony! My 360 is starting to collect dust now ;)