FIFA 08 first look with screenshots and video interview

The FIFA 08 next-gen producer imagines an EA virtual world cup, online, 11 on 11, featuring the best videogame soccer players on the planet. Coinciding with the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, each gamer will grab a player and, with 10 friends, begin a soccer assault on the rest of the planet. Right now it's just a dream, a goal for the future of FIFA online, but it all starts with Be a Pro in FIFA 08.

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KoolMan4158d ago

They really just wont give up sayind it would be the best soccer xperience in a game.. U know If they keep those fifastreet tricks then maybe it would be quite interesting(not better then PES)

Lord Anubis4158d ago

They need to license Konami's Pro Evo engine :-P

spacetoilet4158d ago

The graphics on these shots at least are crap.

m000b14157d ago

The graphics on this are great.