Gameinformer: Left 4 Dead 2 Review

Valve Perfects the Ultimate Zombie Game

Left 4 Dead 2 drops four new charismatic zombie-killers in the Deep South, where they endure five uniquely awe-inspiring locales. Players gleefully hack and blast their way through everywhere from abandoned carnival grounds to The Big Easy itself, with each campaign carrying a distinctly different atmosphere of dread. Crescendos, such as a mobile fight along rollercoaster tracks, liven up the standard dig-in-your-heels horde defense of the original. The tense finale of one campaign has the survivors defending a bandstand stage while utilizing a famous rock band's pyrotechnics to simultaneously ward off the undead and signal a rescue chopper.

Last November, Valve spread a pandemic infection across Xbox Live and PCs everywhere with the original Left 4 Dead. The newest chapter in the undead uprising now oozes with even more of the proven developer's trademark personality and polish. If you are among those who think the sequel is coming too soon, prepare to eat your words like so many brains. Left 4 Dead 2 is everything a sequel should be: perfected, expanded, and an absolute riot.

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Blow Out Your Brains4952d ago

Best game released this year aside from Modern Warfare 2. I will be playing L4D2 and MW2 until Bioshock 2 drops next February :)