Virtua Fighter 5 rolls out in Japan

Virtua Fighter 5 is off and pummeling in Japanese arcades, according to the game's official Web site. The game makes use of Sega's new Lindbergh arcade board and will sport a number of enhancements to the VF.NET online service. In addition to the actual game, two additional machines, the VF Terminal and VF.TV are being introduced.

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Marriot VP6167d ago

who ever still plays arcade games other than air hockey is.....LAME.

Oncnawan6166d ago

Paul - arcades are still going strong in Japan. Different culture, different gaming trends.

Didn't the developers decline to offer an online mode to the console version claiming that an online mode of Virtua Fighter just wouldn't be Virtua Fighter? And yet, the arcade games are linked for online play?

frostbite066054d ago

Arcades are no fun when your paying a dollar to play these games