Show us your Gaming Setup Contest!

Here is a chance for anyone to win a free copy of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas or a Giftcard to GS for the runner up. Simply just post your gaming setup with a paper and your handle on it. (Same as forum name) Also just because someone has an awesome TV doesn't mean they'll win. About 10 entries thus far. This is a contest sponsered by and NULL Technologies Hosting.

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consolecrusader4570d ago

this is not fake to get people to join this is a legit contest peeps w00t

nice_cuppa4570d ago

win a prize .

got a cheap set up ?

no prize for you ! if you want the game go buy it.

Mikemach4570d ago

You sound like the typical broke ass bi^*h that's jealous of anyone that has something better than you. Go back to your room junior and stop crying!!!

consolecrusader4570d ago

It was already stated that u dont need a million dollar set up to win lol

kewlkat0074570d ago

to showcase our SETUPS? Well not me since i'd be embarassed but I like to see others what they have, as it also gives me Ideas, I love GADGETS. Give me another year I might be able to take a pic of my setup...If them HDTV's can get cheaper already...

Circa244570d ago

Don't post this! I want to wiiiiiiin!


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