Konami Drops All Games to $0.99

Konami is having a massive sale discounting every single one of their games to $0.99. No matter what your take on the games, there's definitely deals to be had here.

Power Pros Touch ($3.99 -> $0.99)
Krazy Kart Racing ($2.99 -> $0.99)
Silent Scope ($2.99 -> $0.99)
Metal Gear Solid Touch ($5.99 -> $0.99)
Dance Dance Revolution S ($4.99 -> $0.99)
Silent Hill ($4.99 -> $0.99)

There's no indication how long the sales will last, but it's safe to say that despite any shortcomings every game listed above is worth at least $0.99.

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meepmoopmeep5302d ago

i might pick a couple of these up then

nbsmatambo5302d ago

i thought they meant console games b4 i saw the "Mobile" tag

Syronicus5302d ago

Can't beat that price unless it was free

dragunrising5302d ago

Too bad the sale is only for iPhone/itouch...

Kushan5302d ago (Edited 5302d ago )

It may be worth editing the original article to make it clear that this refers to their iPhone games, not PC, console or even handheld games.

tweet755302d ago

all ps3, wii , and xbox 360 , vc and psn, and xbox live, ds , psp games should be dropped to 99 cents each that would help increase sales!

pixelsword5302d ago (Edited 5302d ago )

*walks away with head hung low*

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gold_drake1d 5h ago

if they make their mobile games playable on ps5 and their maybe new handheld, that would be huge. cause i aint playing any free games on my phone, cause mobile games suck. haha.

Retro19864h ago

I like mobile games, but the problem for me is that «free games» usually has alot of p2w or other microtransaction connected to them. LoL, Hearthstone, civ, fm etc is great on iPad 😊 Would love to see rise of kingdoms etc Get rid of p2w formula.

Philaroni3h ago

I'm going to say this and ether A: I'm crazy or B: I'm crazy, but do any of you remember when Sony years back had the Xperia Play. Touched one never got it myself. If Sony is looking for a handheld (Look at Apple with the games it can run on there own devices) I wonder if maybe, just maybe they try to make a play for the Phone space again. Just my 2 cents, well with inflations I guess my 2 dimes.

Kurisu3h ago

Make an Xperia Play 2 that actually has functionality with the PS5 and I might bite! Loved the Xperia Play, showing off Crash Bandicoot on it was great but that's the only game I had for it.


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